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Inform Warehouse Management

Complete Control & Visibility of Your Warehouse Operations

Visibility Across All
Warehouse Operations

Gain control over operations and
insight into inventory location, staff
allocation, and order completion status.

A Complete Warehouse Operations Toolkit

Eliminate bottlenecks and errors that
drag down operations with structured
workflows and task management.

Make Your Warehouse
More Efficient

Labor costs are the largest expense
in the warehouse. Inform WMS minimizes
time spent executing operations.

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Inform WMS has streamlined everything that we do - from the time an order is placed, to the time it gets out the door - saving us tons of time of correcting errors while maintaining our reputation.”
milhench supply
Jean Shirey
"I am extremely happy with getting WMS setup for our company. I wish we did this years ago as I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on our business. I can walk in the back and find exactly what I need within 20 seconds instead of looking up and down the racks knowing it’s here somewhere."
Ali Sultanali
Baths of America

Comprehensive Warehouse Visibility

Streamlined Operations & Robust Oversight

Inform Warehouse Management System (WMS) eliminates time-consuming errors, product losses, and re-ships with well-defined warehouse processes that deliver unprecedented ROI within weeks.

Fine-tune your warehouse functions with optimized putaway, customer labeling, performance analytics and paperless operations. Inform WMS taps into the expansive knowledge of more than 1,000 distributors we serve to continuously improve logistics and operations.

  • Reduce warehouse travel with smart routing
  • Achieve higher customer retention with fewer errors and mispicks
  • View real-time inventory levels across all warehouses from one screen
  • Eliminate time consuming and costly year-end physical inventory

See It In Action

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Warehouse Management Toolkit

Attain State-of-The-Art Warehouse Operations

Inform WMS integrates warehouse management with Inform ERP to provide smart picking, guided putaway with location slotting, cycle counting, automatic bin stock and replenishment, mobile scanning with confirmation and easy product and location lookup, as well as dashboard reporting and analytics.

Adopters of Inform WMS notice marked improvements in all daily warehousing activities.


Download WMS Data Sheet

Learn more about the benefits of Inform WMS and how you can attain maximum warehouse efficiency. 

Download WMS Data Sheet


Drill down to learn more about Inform WMS workflows for improved inventory operations:

  • Experience Error-Free PO Receiving

    Streamline receiving procedures with guided best-practices using Inform WMS. Real-time notifications eliminate PO receiving errors and help drive proper backorder handling and on-time customer order fulfillment.

    • Handle multi-PO stock receiving
    • Display discrepancy warnings during stock receiving
    • Correct receiving errors by enabling "un-receive" by line item quantity
    • Get notifications of received items not on purchase order
    • Automate receiving and tedious serial number collection with Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN)
    • Add vendor carton UOM barcodes to received products to eliminate re-labeling
    • Print product POS, bin, and even barcode labels for non-barcoded products
    • Customize workflow and notification of linked orders for cross-docking
  • Save Time with Guided Putaway and Location Slotting

    Store products in optimal locations with system-wide visibility that displays the location of any item. Improve stocker efficiency using an intelligent workflow that provides direction from receiving to bin replenishment to order staging.

    Guided Putaway offers multiple strategies:

    • Primary Putaway delegates inventory to the System-defined product location
    • Optimized Putaway assigns products to the bin that has both adequate capacity and is in closest proximity to the primary bin location
    • Operator Directed Putaway delivers maximum flexibility with manual putaway options
    • Accommodate multiple products in a single bin
    • Print the putaway slotting label during stock receipts, immediately directing operators as PO's are being received
    • Location Slotting calculates an optimal putaway location closest to the primary bin using a number of storage characteristics including bin height, depth, weight, and volume capacity, driving better, faster operations
  • Reach Nearly 100% Accuracy with Cycle Counting

    Eliminate the need for annual plant shutdowns and dramatically improve inventory accuracy with Inform WMS' Cycle Counting. Operating alongside daily order fulfillment, this tool gets rid of errors from manual stocking, reduces the burden on warehouse staff, and provides more accurate counts of faster moving items.

    • Suggest daily cycle count activities based on product velocity, ranking and workdays remaining
    • Pause cycle counts for employee vacation or other activity
    • Coordinate cycle counts by item velocity, bin range, vendor, and more
    • Take advantage of extensive report options, automated general ledger entries, and historical cycle count activity
  • View Order Picking in Real-Time

    Fulfill sales orders more efficiently with intelligent task management and pick routes. Split large orders, batch orders by delivery route, or use the Job Queue to evaluate user task lists and manually assign jobs using simple drag and drop.

    • Visualize order status from 'in progress' to 'complete' with real-time order completion percentage with Order Pick Monitor
    • Automate picking of customer orders, warehouse transfers, and production orders
    • Manage staging and payment handling for Point-of-Sale and deposit sales orders
    • Pick in batch for truck loading
    • Accommodate a mix of warehouse picking and showroom self-service picking
    • Manage multiple pickers on a single large order simultaneously
    • Automate picking of components for kits and MTO assemblies
    • Create a customizable, user-defined picking path
  • Stay Up to Date with Shipments

    Realize full shipping visibility through custom truck routes, advanced shipping notices, and automatic inventory updates. Print a paper copy of all your important shipping documents, including labels, specs, and lists.

    • Manage truck stops within routes and digital delivery signatures
    • Print: Customer shipping labels, packing lists, detailed or summary delivery truck manifests, HazMat documentation, bills of lading
    • Automatically post shipments and update inventory in transit, or optionally complete real-time invoicing
    • Integrate with UPS WorldShip, FedEx ShipManager, and Endicia for the US Postal Service
  • Automatically Restock with Bin Replenishment

    Restock the primary locations from overstock using bin minimum and maximum quantities that forecast inventory needs. Understand your bin counts and automatically replenish inventory as needed.

    • Predict picking requirements from upper or remote locations to help streamline the picking process
    • Generate a Drop Report from current order demand and primary bin inventory count
    • Direct replenishment of primary and showroom bin locations
    • Take advantage of optional "First-In-First-Out" (FIFO) control
  • Save Time and Increase Accuracy with Mobile Scanning

    Use your mobile scanning devices across warehouse operations. Scan to look up product status and locations as well as to confirm workflow pick accuracy, putaway locations, and shipping confirmations.

    • Scan product, bin, or sales order to initiate a lookup query
    • Look up bin locations and in-transit information including onhand, available, committed, and on PO
    • Ensure pick accuracy of each item
    • Confirm item putaway location
    • Ensure accurate shipping through picking scans and shipment confirmation
  • Experience Paperless Operations

    Automatic system generated task lists can include sales orders to be picked, user-specified spot checks and bin transfers as well as system assigned checks to resolve discrepancies.

  • Analyze Perfromance with Indicators, Dashboards and Reports

    Get an overview of warehouse operations at a glance with Inform WMS' dashboards, or deep dive into further analysis with extensive reporting options. Review key performance indicators to ensure the warehouse is running at peak efficiency.

    • Dispatcher Job/Task List
    • New Task notifications on a device with manager timeout
    • Extensive WMS activity audit trail
    • Count variance reports and value changes
    • Picker, stocker, and warehouse KPIs, dashboards and reports

Optimized Inventory Ensures Improved Profitability

Drive Efficiency in Your Warehouse

Warehouse travel time is an expensive variable cost. It is virtually invisible and extremely expensive if allowed to go unchecked.

Inform WMS provides simple and advanced strategies that will make your operations more efficient than competitors.


See how to improve efficiency below:

  • Picking Strategies

    • Order Pick Path
      Picking strategies are one of the easiest and more cost-effective ways to maximize productivity and improve order accuracy. Products to pick are sorted by optimal pick path.
    • Batch Picking
      Batch picking involves picking more than one order at a time. With multiple orders assigned to a picker, the items on many orders are sorted by the optimal pick path. The number of times a picker has to travel through any aisle is greatly minimized.
  • Optimized Locations

    • Product Location Slotting
      Slotting automatically optimizes the put-away placement of products within a warehouse. With optimized putaway using slotting, distributors maximize the use of a warehouse’s available cube space to improve storage and picking efficiency.
    • Automation
      This strategy takes a number of factors into consideration, such as primary and optimal secondary locations, dimensions, and weight. Well- managed slotting leads to reduced picker travel, better-utilized warehouse space, and more intelligent putaway operations.
  • Location Tracking

    Bin-Level Inventory Visibility Tracking inventory locations drives out the hidden costs of searching for products that are known to be in stock, but cannot be found.

    With bin-level inventory tracking, product location is recorded during initial receipt, bin transfers, and order picks. Inform WMS is a real-time WMS so the system and the warehouse are never out of sync.

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