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Live Webinar | April 16th - 1 PM ET

Join us Thursday, April 16th at 1:00 PM ET

Learn about operational insights and imperative software functionality that will keep your distribution business fast, smart and strong during these changing times:

  • Your New Remote Reality - Having the ability to manage your business virtually to keep operations running smoothly
  • Provide an Online Shopping Experience - Many of your customers are now working from home, driving the immediate need for multi-channel purchase options that include online ordering/eCommerce that is connected to your ERP software
  • Staying Ahead of The Game - Relying on your software to automatically monitor product cost and adjust individual product pricing with a strategic, Margin-Based pricing manager
  • Intelligent Inventory Management - Having an ERP that identifies sporadic, recurring and unusual demand will allow you to achieve higher fill rates, increase inventory turns and eliminate dead stock
  • Connecting with Customers - Having the right information at the right time will strengthen customer relationships, incite loyalty, and provide superior service over the competition

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Our B2B ordering portal allows them to access everything anytime—invoices, pending orders, unpaid bills. If our customers are catering an event and realize they need something, they can order it right then. eCommerce keeps customers coming back.

Jorge Salcedo

To Rise Supplies

Before a customer walks through the door — they can look up what an item costs, and see if our store has it in stock right now. Buyers are doing their research and if you're not representing your product lineup, you're losing business to a competitor.

Kevin MacDonald

MacDonald Supply

Each month we're steadily increasing sales using Inform eCommerce. It's very easy to navigate. I just love DDI... nothing but good things to say - Inform has been amazing since we got it. It's everything we were told it would be... and more.

Jeff Johnson

Holmes Plumbing & Heating Supply