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On-Premise or Cloud

Flexible deployment options to suit every distributor's needs.


Upgrade From Quickbooks

Learn why your business is ready to upgrade from Quickbooks.


Upgrade from Eclipse

Get the purpose-built ERP alternative fit for your industry.


Warehouse Logistics

Streamline Operations and Maximize Profitability

Warehouse Dispatch Made Easy

Streamline the daily task of building efficient delivery routes with Inform's drag & drop delivery truck dispatch system.

  • Split screen presents unassigned orders on the left with delivery trucks on the right
  • Structure delivery routes with easy awareness of multiple stops, volume and weight assigned to each delivery truck
  • Drag & drop to reorder stop numbers
  • Print truck manifests and order shipping documents in a single action
  • Eliminate duplicate delivery fees by combining orders
  • Easily sync electronic proof of delivery

Keep Inventory In-Check with Scheduled Cycle Counting

Inform's cycle count scheduler helps keep your inventory in check by assigning products to count on a regular basis.

  • Control your count frequency based on product rankings
  • Allows for more accurate counts on faster moving products
  • Counting in smaller batches reduces burden on warehouse staff and reduces the need for annual plant shut downs
Warehouse worker taking package in the shelf in a large warehouse in a large warehouse


"DDI's cycle counting has made correct inventory values possible and finally manageable. I would recommend DDI to other distribution companies like ours!"

- Blake Larson

Monitor, Manage & Receive Multiple Containers

Inform allows you to easily keep track of multi PO container shipments.

  • View container contents and status, including expected arrival dates, estimated totals, and reference numbers
  • Spread container shipping costs correctly across multiple purchase order line items
  • Assign purchase orders to multiple containers
  • Generate a receiving tickets with put-away and cross dock instructions for the entire container

Streamline Operations and Simplify Tasks

Workflow automation & label printing along with Sales Order staging automates the processing of special order items and warehouse activities.

  • Special order items are flagged by the system upon arrival
  • Staging labels are automatically printed for items
  • Items are not mistakenly put away on the shelf or into inventory
  • Print labels for products, Bin Location, Shipping, Staged Orders, Repair Service Tags

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