Warehouse Logistics

Streamline Warehouse Operations While Improving Productivity

Warehouse Dispatch Made Easy

Streamline the daily task of building efficient delivery routes with Inform's drag & drop delivery truck dispatch system.

  • Split screen presents unassigned orders on the left with delivery trucks on the right
  • Structure delivery routes with easy awareness of multiple stops, volume and weight assigned to each delivery truck
  • Drag & drop to reorder stop numbers
  • Print truck manifests and order shipping documents in a single action
  • Combine orders to the same ship-to to eliminate duplicate delivery fees
  • Synchronize with drivers' electronic proof of delivery system

RF warehouse system

Scheduled Cycle Counting

Inform's Cycle Count Scheduler helps keep your inventory in check by assigning products to count on a regular basis.

  • Control your count frequency based on product rankings
  • Allows for more accurate counts on faster moving products
  • Counting in smaller batches reduces burden on warehouse staff and reduces the need for annual plant shut downs

warehouse cycle counting

Workflow Automation

The Sales Order Staging functionality automates the processing of special order items.

  • Special order items are flagged by the system upon arrival
  • Staging labels are automatically printed for items
  • Items are not mistakenly put away on the shelf or into inventory


Label Printing

Label printers can be used to streamline warehouse operations by providing labels for:

  • Products
  • Bin Locations
  • Shipping Labels
  • Staged Orders
  • Repair Service Tags

Zebra label printer in warehouse

Container Management

Monitor, manage and receive multi PO container shipments.

  • View container contents and status, including expected arrival dates, estimated totals, and reference numbers
  • Spread container shipping costs correctly across multiple purchase order line items
  • Assign purchase orders to multiple containers
  • Generate a receiving tickets with putaway and cross dock instructions for the entire container