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Become Faster, Smarter, and Stronger with Inform ERP + eCommerce Pro

DDI System is the ERP Partner of Choice for United Group Members

DDI's Inform ERP is the purpose-built ERP system for JanSan, Paper & Packaging distributors. Our end-to-end solution incorporates the tools United Group Members need to compete in today's digital marketplace. From embedded CRM to fully integrated eCommerce, field sales mobility and powerful analytic tools, our unique solution ensures industry-focused distributors remain the most profitable and successful.

Why TUG Members Choose Inform:

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ecom-pro-laptopNot all eCommerce Solutions are Built The Same

Inform eCommerce Pro gives your customers the opportunity to engage with your company anytime, anywhere. With Inform eCommerce Pro, your customers have access to your full product catalog, including associated & upsell products, pricing, previous order history, and much more—all through a dedicated portal designed with your customers in mind. Learn more >>

The ERP Software of Choice for:

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Atlantic Paper & Twine Co.: Capabilities are a Huge Competitive Advantage

TK Sales:
Streamlined Processes, Awesome Service

Delaware Valley Packaging: Profitability Increase of 25-30 Percent