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A Summer Series Virtual Event
August 18

Increase Profitability & Operate With Confidence

Take advantage of the industry-specific features that equip wholesale distributors and showroom businesses with the tools they need to serve their customers and profitably manage their business operations. DDI System is offering a virtual event that will take a deeper dive into some of the unique features that Inform ERP and eCommerce Pro has to offer.

August 18 | 1PM ET

Elevating Your Customer Relationships

Teams with the right information strengthen customer relationships, incite loyalty, and provide superior service over competitors. Inform CRM (Customer Relationship Management) harnesses the data within your software to drive meaningful client conversations for engagement that turns into sales.

  • Elevate and Strengthen Relationships
  • Engage with Customers
  • Align Resources for Growth
  • Optimize Sales Reporting

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The Benefits of Inventory Insight & Management

Inform's advanced inventory management tools equip distributors with the ability to confidently manage single and multi-location operations and forecasting: keeping you ahead of the game and confident in your daily operations as we continue to adjust to the "new normal" of today. Learn how Inform ERP can help you:

  • Combat Variable Supply & Demand
  • Achieve High Customer Order Fill Rates
  • Discover & Ditch Dead Stock
  • Empower Teams with Unparalleled Insight

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The Future of Distributor eCommerce

As your customer's needs change, the shopping experience distributors provide must change as well. Inform eCommerce Pro seamlessly connects to Inform ERP, allowing you to leverage the sophistication of a physical store with the immediacy and convenience of online buying.

  • Offer a Seamless Shopping Experience
  • Keep Up with the Modern Buyer
  • Increase Online Sales with Enhanced Product Filtering
  • Provide B2B Customers With Self-Service Online Access

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We supply homeowners, contractors, residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. Orders come in via phone, at our counter, online, or field sales. Our Inform system allows us to manage these different customers and order types very efficiently, and determine the proper price level depending on the type of customer.
Kevin MacDonald
President | MacDonald Supply Inc.
Each month we're steadily increasing sales using Inform eCommerce. It's very easy to navigate. I just love DDI... nothing but good things to say - Inform has been amazing since we got it. It's everything we were told it would be... and more.
Jeff Johnson
Holmes Plumbing & Heating Supply
Our online ordering portal allows our customers to access everything anytime—invoices, pending orders, unpaid bills. If they realize they need something at the last minute, they can order it right then. eCommerce keeps customers coming back.
Jorge Salcedo
To Rise Supplies