Strategic Customer Pricing

Market specific pricing models, connecting with margin manager, price matrix, vendor rebate reporting, and contract pricingInform ERP Specializes in Market Specific Pricing Models 

Our market specific pricing systems are highly tuned and based on a deep understanding of pricing in our customer’s vertical markets. Combined with our meticulous data collection and conversion of pricing models, our users experience a nearly immediate return on their ERP investment.

  • Margin-of-last-sale automation and sales history management for paper, packaging, and janitorial distributors.
  • Price Matrix using list, discount, markup and multipliers for electrical, plumbing, and industrial distributors.
  • SPA and rebated cost contracts.
  • Lot pricing, project and room bundles for quoting, purchasing, and shipping groups of products.
  • Quotation-based pricing and quote management.

'Margin-Manager' Sales History Based Pricing

Sales history based pricing automatically maintains sell prices based upon the previous sales’ profit margin. This pricing structure, critical to the operational efficiency of paper, packaging, janitorial, and maintenance supply distributors, allows you to set up personalized pricing for each customer. Prevent margin leakage and expect to increase gross profits by tens of thousands annually.

Price Matrix

Multi dimensional price flexibility with grouping by price group, product line, and product, combined with customer category, customer, job, and vendor. Easily set up unlimited scenarios to maximize profitability, and support customer-specific promotions. Reduce employee errors and achieve an optimal balance between stock levels and pricing. Updating costs is automated with Inform 'Product Import' templates.

Contract Pricing, Special Pricing Allowances & Vendor Rebate Reporting

Keep your prices competitive by using price contracts to apply time-sensitive vendor rebates to selected customers. Never miss a penny in rebates receivable. Contracts store and manage customer net pricing, rebated costs and sales load. Contract prices are displayed and used in sales and purchase orders until the contract expires.

Cost Automation

Quickly and easily import hundreds or thousands of products, update list prices and costs, and let Inform recalculate selling prices using our multi-tiered price matrix. Import customer pricing contracts and manufacturers’ rebate pricing.

Pricing Management

  • ‘Competitive Pricing’ view, where all available deals and customer pricing results are immediately visible for pricing another customer. This view is available in sales order entry and products master when enabled in the company master.
  • Assign a contract price record to an entire customer category
  • Added 'Vendor' and 'Major Group' to Inform’s 'Price Matrix' structure
  • Add branch criteria to the 'Purchasing Price Matrix'
  • New sales order line-item price contract assignment