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On-Premise or Cloud

Flexible deployment options to suit every distributor's needs.


Upgrade From Quickbooks

Learn why your business is ready to upgrade from Quickbooks.


Upgrade from Eclipse

Get the purpose-built ERP alternative fit for your industry.


Strategic Customer Pricing

Increase Profitability & Operate with Confidence

Increase Margins

For a distributor, pricing is by far the most powerful lever for increasing profits. Distributors who embark on pricing transformations can significantly expand earnings with modest or negligible impact on volume.

Inform ERP delivers multi-dimensional price flexibility, allowing your sales force to be more efficient and effective by tailoring pricing to each customer and situation.


Strategic Margin Protection

Effortlessly build and maintain individual customer pricing and automatically maintain sell prices based upon the previous sales’ profit margin without the need to set up contracts or matrices.

  • Cost monitoring for real-time, sell price adjustments
  • Triggered monthly price review that recognizes future costs and automatically adjusts prices to maintain margin using future costs
  • Personalized pricing by customer
  • Minimized margin leakage for increased gross margin
  • Automatically add sales order items and sell price


"With the flexibility of Inform ERP pricing, we’ve added $200k extra profit to our bottom line within the first 6 months!"

- Mike Ludwig, President

Built-In Price Matrix

Easily set up unlimited scenarios to maximize profitability and support customer-specific promotions. Quickly and easily import hundreds of products, update list prices and costs, and recalculate selling prices using our multi-tiered price matrix.

  • Flash-sale product price overrides
  • Unlimited quantity breaks
    • Family of products breaks
    • Breaks by quantity, weight and total dollars
  • Quickly update costs with Product Import templates
  • Import customer pricing contracts and manufacturers’ rebate pricing.
  • Easily update and add matrix formulas

Customer Rebate Tracking

Manage customer net pricing, vendor rebated costs and vendor rebated cost load. Contract/rebate costs can be used in conjunction with a separate sell price matrix or with separate margin-based customer prices for a uniquely low maintenance rebate management system.

  • Precise rebate tracking and reporting
  • Deviated net sell and cost
  • Deviated formula for sell and cost
  • Vendor contract number
  • Current and future date contracts
  • Expiration reporting and notification
  • Varies by vendor, product, grouping and product

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