Strategic Customer Pricing

Market Specific Pricing System

Our deep understanding of your vertical market enables us to demonstrate and introduce best practices pricing models. We accurately and quickly migrate your customer-specific price structure for an immediate return on your ERP investment.

  • Multi-dimensional Price Matrix using list, discount, markup and multipliers for industries such as industrial, electrical and plumbing distributors. Inform ERP's matrix system supports over 70 variations of product, product group, price group, vendor, customer, customer group, customer job and ship-to
  • Margin-of-last-sale automation and sales history management for paper, packaging and janitorial distributors
  • Deviated cost rebate contracts, with wide adoption in electrical, paper, packaging, HVAC and JanSan markets
  • Lot pricing, project and room bundles for quoting, purchasing and shipping groups of products
  • Quotation-based pricing and quote management

Market specific pricing

'Margin-Manager' Sales History Based Pricing

Sales-history based pricing automatically maintains customer-specific price without the need to set up contracts or matrixes. Simply invoice a product and the customer-specific price/UOM is set. Optionally adjust sell prices as costs change or by triggered margin-price update.

  • Automatically maintain sell prices based upon the previous sales’ profit margin
  • Support sales-team driven, personalized pricing by customer
  • Eliminate margin leakage and increase GM by 2% to 4%
  • Improve margins by recognizing future costs and automatically adjusting prices to maintain margin using future costs

automatic sales history

Price Matrix

Inform delivers multi-dimensional price flexibility with 79 combinations by price group, product line, major group and product, combined with customer category, customer, job, ship-to and vendor. Easily set up unlimited scenarios to maximize profitability, and support customer-specific promotions.

  • Date-specific price overrides with start and end dates
  • Flash-sale product price overrides
  • Unlimited quantity breaks
    • Family of products breaks
    • Breaks by quantity, weight and total dollars
  • Update costs with Inform 'Product Import' templates
  • Update and add Matrix formulas with Inform 'Price Matrix Import'
  • Support for Strategic Pricing services including Profit2 and Evergreen Consulting

pricing matrix

Contract Pricing, Special Pricing & Rebate Reporting

Inform Price Contracts store and manage customer net pricing, vendor rebated costs and vendor rebated cost load.

  • Contracts are displayed in green (in effect) and red (expired) during sales order and quote entry
  • Contracts support current and future price/cost/load
  • Contracts support vendor contract number and future vendor contract number
  • Contract/rebate costs can be used in conjunction with separate sell price matrix or with separate margin-based customer prices, for a uniquely low maintenance rebate management system
  • Sales order uses rebate cost to calculate sales order cost, margin and commission
  • Rebates are calculated and stored in real-time, for reporting and general ledger precision - no end of month updates or posting


Usability and Margin Improvement

Quickly and easily import hundreds of products, update list prices and costs, and let Inform recalculate selling prices using our multi-tiered price matrix. Import customer pricing contracts and manufacturers’ rebate pricing.

  • Easily price a customer using the ‘Competitive Pricing’ tab in sales order/quote, where all available customer pricing deals are presented
  • Purchasing-based contracts support customer-specific purchase-order prices
  • Assign a price contract to individual orders or order line-items
  • Add customers and products to a contract mid-month and 'Recalculate Rebates' to re-cost existing invoices where a rebate contract was not in place

pricing management