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Solve the ERP & eCommerce


Join the free session and learn how distributors can achieve an online presence with complete ERP connectivity.

Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 1pm ET (10am PT) 

Multiple workflows. Siloed content. Inaccurate inventory counts. The struggle of implementing an end-to-end solution to solve these challenges and compete online is daunting for most. The ideal complete distribution model ties together inventory, customer pricing, and everyday operational workflows, with a flexible and inexpensive eCommerce solution. 

Introducing Inform eCommerce Pro: a revolutionary new eCommerce alternative that connects your product catalog to the industry-specific Inform ERP Software. 

Join DDI System on Tuesday, September 24th and learn how this powerful combination can “Solve the ERP & eCommerce Disconnect”.

During the 1-hour event, distributors will learn:

  • How to deploy a top-quality solution for a digitally integrated operation
  • The benefits of a full-connected PIM for end-to-end business utilization
  • How ERP-driven data optimizes the customer experience
  • The features that  matter most to B2B and B2C customers

Hosted By:

Adam Waller

CEO & Founder

Adam's knowledge of distribution comes directly from his first-hand experience with his family's wholesale supply house Wal-Rich Corp. Adam combined his passion for software development and distribution to create a complete business solution for independent wholesale distributors.

26 years later, DDI System’s Inform ERP is the trusted, end-to-end business software for more than 1100 wholesale distributors. Adam continues his entrepreneurial spirit by setting the innovation strategy for DDI System and continuously interacting with today's wholesale distributor.

Our B2B ordering portal allows them to access everything anytime—invoices, pending orders, unpaid bills. If our customers are catering an event and realize they need something, they can order it right then. eCommerce keeps customers coming back.

Jorge Salcedo

To Rise Supplies

Before a customer walks through the door — they can look up what an item costs, and see if our store has it in stock right now. Buyers are doing their research and if you're not representing your product lineup, you're losing business to a competitor.

Kevin MacDonald

MacDonald Supply

Each month we're steadily increasing sales using Inform eCommerce. It's very easy to navigate. I just love DDI... nothing but good things to say - Inform has been amazing since we got it. It's everything we were told it would be... and more.

Jeff Johnson

Holmes Plumbing & Heating Supply