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Learn how to anticipate customer needs with the power of DDI System’s customer intelligent ERP. Discover how Inform ERP improves distributor operations with a connected suite of tools, including native CRM, smart eCommerce and convenient mobility. 
  • Utilize CRM to strengthen customer relationships, incite loyalty and provide superior service over your competitors.
  • Drive sales 24/7 with real-time stock levels, pricing, product features and account management with Inform eCommerce
  • Tap into market-approved workflows that promote operational excellence with industry-specific workflows.
  • See how Inform Mobility ensures you deliver the best possible service while your employees work smarter and faster.
  • Learn how to adjust & act quickly with powerful reporting and analytics tools designed for your business.

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Inform eCommerce with Inform ERP

eCommerce is transforming how customers do business with you. DDI System’s real-time solution keeps your customers connected with dedicated customer portals and dynamic online storefronts.
Get your products online quickly and affordably in just weeks, to deliver the 24/7 access today’s distributor marketplace demands.
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