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Inventory Management

Advanced Business Intelligence = Better Business Decisions

Improve Forecasting and Accuracy

Inform ERP flags unusually high or low product demand outliers and suggests a correction to the forecasted demand for that product, allowing you to accept, adjust, or reject the correction.

Inform's Intelligent Demand Analysis analyzes the historical sales data of each product in every warehouse, and categorize products into recurring, sporadic and seasonal demand types.

  • Increase inventory turns and order fill rates
  • Streamline multi-location inventory
  • Automatically suppress products with slowing demand
  • Easily adjust your inventory overstock criteria



Remain In-Control with the Inform Purchasing Dashboard

Inform's interactive purchasing dashboard reveals detailed inventory information allowing you to maximize your ROI and have a clear overall picture of your inventory. View stock levels, availability, 'in-transit' status, open orders, purchase orders, backorders, branch transfers, and returned goods on one. easy-to-read screen.

  • Analyze purchase order with demand charts & tables
  • Compare multi-location inventory details
  • View purchase quantity projection details
  • Manage manual or automated branch transfers

Make Smarter Decisions with Intuitive Inventory Insight

Inform ERP’s professional demand forecasting tools turn purchasing managers into inventory control experts. Powerful forecast algorithms, easy-to-use exception management, and unique, intuitive purchasing screens provide distributors with an array of tools not found in any other ERP software.

  • Reduce inventory levels by up to 25 percent
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Eliminate dead and inactive stock
  • Minimize the time spent on replenishment

Unparalleled Inventory Insight


Combat Variable Supply and Demand

Competitive businesses require advanced systems that let them see and act instantly on all of the metrics, KPI's, costs, and margins that make a business successful. Real-time replenishment calculation enables your purchasing staff to respond to customer demand as it is occurring

  • Identify and correct unusual demand
  • Account for sporadic demand
  • Plan for recurring orders
  • Optimize seasonal and slow-moving product shifts
  • Re-balance warehouse overstocks
  • Get real-time vendor purchase summaries
  • Leverage interactive, multi-location PO projections
  • Automate inventory metrics including Unusual Demand, Fill Rate, Warehouse Overstock analysis, A-B-C-X Ranking, Turns and ‘GMROI‘ (Gross Margin Return on Investment)
I look at our warehouse and see cash on the shelf – not products. We were looking for a tool that would allow us to maintain accurate inventory and secure data. With Inform, it’s done. Not only has Inform ERP met our expectations for inventory accuracy, it has done much better than expected and far exceeded those expectations.
Dominic Carusi
Casey EMI

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