Inventory Management

Product Demand Management

Remarkably Smart Inventory

Focus on identifying exceptions in product demand. Inform's demand management toolkit guides distributors through stronger inventory performance. Experience more turns, minimize overstock, and feel control over multi-location inventory and forecast.

  • Experience outstanding order fill rates
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Streamline multi-location inventory
  • Improve GMROI

Inform's 'Product Analysis' screen reveals every aspect of any product, including stock, non-stock, service or labor items. Explore all the detail of your inventory’s 'in-transit' information, including availability, open orders, purchase orders, backorders, branch transfers, and returned goods, for a complete picture of your inventory status.

Product analysis

Empower Teams with Unparalleled Insight

Inform ERP’s professional demand forecasting tools turn purchasing managers into inventory control experts. Powerful forecast algorithms, easy-to-use exception management, and unique, intuitive purchasing screens provide distributors with an array of tools not found in any other ERP software.

  • Reduce inventory levels by up to 25 percent
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Eliminate dead and inactive stock
  • Minimize the time spent on replenishment


Plan for the Expected – and Unexpected

Competitive businesses require advanced systems that let them see and act instantly on all of the metrics, KPI's, costs, and margins that make a business consistently successful.

  • Identify unusual demand management
  • Account for sporadic demand
  • Plan for recurring orders
  • Optimize seasonal and slow-moving product shifts
  • Re-balance warehouse overstocks
  • Get real-time vendor purchase summaries
  • Leverage interactive, multi-location PO projections


Advanced Demand Planning and Forecasting

Achieve high customer order fill rates while increasing inventory turns. See the results in year-over-year profit and cash-flow improvement.

  • Real-time replenishment calculation enables your purchasing staff to respond to customer demand as it is occurring
  • Vendor Summary continually updates recommended PO value, including carrying costs for purchases not meeting vendor minimum
  • See the performance of intermittent demand items which often account for 70-90% of your stocked products
  • Automatically analyze historical demand to determine which items are appropriate for a ‘predictive forecast’
  • Automatically assign the best predictive forecast formula to every recurring item, for each warehouse based on 8 different demand formulas
  • Identify and correct unusual demand for intelligent purchasing forecasts
  • Easily see unusual demand items with the related customer purchases, suggested corrections, and inventory value impact using Inform's Unusual Demand workscreen
  • Automate inventory metrics including Unusual Demand, Fill Rate, Warehouse Overstock analysis, A-B-C-X Ranking, Turns and ‘GMROI‘ (Gross Margin Return on Investment)


Vendor Rebate Management

Keep your prices competitive by using price contracts to apply time-sensitive vendor rebates to selected customers. Never miss a penny in rebates receivable. Contracts store and manage customer net pricing, rebated costs and sales load. Contract prices are displayed and used in sales and purchase orders until the contract expires.

Vendor rebate management