• Industry: PHCP, HVAC, Stocking Showroom
  • Solutions Highlighted: Customer Order Pad, advanced accounting

Challenging Major Home Improvement Chains - And Succeeding!

“One for the little guy” is the motto at Danbury Plumbing Supply, a forward-thinking plumbing and HVAC distributor that is defying the odds - taking on two major home improvement chains head on with two integrated locations that excel with communication, customer service and proactive selling.

We needed a technology system with a proper inventory control system to run our business successfully.

Danbury Plumbing Supply has served the Greater Danbury area in Connecticut since 1910. Introducing an additional showroom in 1976, The Creative Bath, Danbury Plumbing Supply continued to grow and prosper. With a 6,000 square foot kitchen and bath showroom plus additional office/wholesale location, communication and accuracy became key components to everyday operations.

According to T.J. Hunt, president of Danbury Plumbing Supply, his vision for Danbury Plumbing was the creation of a single software solution that supported his entire supply house. “To stay and remain competitive in the distribution space, we needed a technology system with a proper inventory control system and billing infrastructure to run our business successfully,” said Hunt. “This led us to search for a comprehensive distribution system.” 

The Search for a Comprehensive Solution

Hunt began his search for a new solution by speaking to surrounding area plumbing supply houses, including one using distribution management software from DDI System. Hunt was impressed with the feedback and called Adam Waller, president of DDI System. “After speaking to Adam, I could tell that DDI understood the plumbing distribution industry. DDI was also proactive rather than reactive in their approach to my business.” 

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