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On-Premise or Cloud

Flexible deployment options to suit every distributor's needs.


Upgrade From Quickbooks

Learn why your business is ready to upgrade from Quickbooks.


Upgrade from Eclipse

Get the purpose-built ERP alternative fit for your industry.


Paperless Workflows

Increase Efficiency with Electronic Document Scanning & Signature Capture

Easily Access Important Documents Online

Safely store customer material data sheets (MSDS), product images, descriptions and other important documentation within Inform for easy recall and reuse at any time.

Automatic system generated task lists can include sales orders to be picked, user-specified spot checks and bin transfers as well as system assigned checks to resolve discrepancies.


Drive Out Costs and Inefficiencies

Inform document scanning helps distributors evolve to a paperless operation. Electronically scan documents including vendor packing lists, accounts payable invoices, customer purchase orders and payments, tax-exempt certificates, credit applications, etc.

  • Assign user levels for custom access
  • Retrieve information quickly to resolve vendor issues
  • Attach scanned documents to the corresponding record as a PDF file, ready for viewing, printing, faxing, or emailing


"DDI has allowed us to capture significant cost savings by streamlining our basic paperwork flow and eliminating the need to buy and stock preprinted forms. Our customers now receive their invoices and statements via either fax or email, recognizing cost savings in decreased postage and reduced time spent processing."

- Patrick Shaw

Simplify Signature Capture

Inform's electronic signature capture turns every customer invoice into a signed 'proof-of-delivery' document, allowing drivers to collect delivery signatures with iPad's and Tablets. The system automatically embeds these electronic signatures as permanent POD’s in customer invoices and sales orders.

Counter sale customers sign for their merchandise using a simple, wired signature capture device allowing you to immediately print signed delivery documents at the point-of-sale.

  • Easily collect delivery signatures with iPads & Tablets
  • Automatically embed electronic signatures as permanent POD’s in customer invoices and sales orders
  • Easily view, print, fax or email archived POD's from any Inform ERP or eCommerce Pro screen

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