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On-Premise or Cloud

Flexible deployment options to suit every distributor's needs.


Upgrade From Quickbooks

Learn why your business is ready to upgrade from Quickbooks.


Upgrade from Eclipse

Get the purpose-built ERP alternative fit for your industry.


Streamlined Order Fulfillment

Full Control Over the Order Process for Maximized Profitability

Multi-Task from a Single Screen

Complete the entire order entry process from Inform's sales order control panel. Move from quote to order, or order to quote, expedite order processing, check stock, research linked purchase orders, verify shipping preferences and more from one single screen using Inform's dynamic order entry system.

  • Instantly turn quotes into orders with one click
  • Improve margins and customer service with accessory and substitute item suggestions
  • Increase awareness and accurate follow-up for quotes and order fulfillment

Increase Your Speed-of-Sale

Streamline operations and save time when handling customer orders with dozens of quick search capabilities.

  • Launch a new sales order or quote from a CRM contact record
  • Add quantity ordered directly from product search screen, for multiple items
  • Move Point-of-Sale balance to Accounts Receivable
  • Get immediate options for real-time inventory, backorder fulfillment, sales, and receivables
  • Job Tracking System for bid management, including user-defined fields, attachments, activities, and reporting


"Customers have noticed a difference in our ability to provide them faster service. They notice improved ease-of-operation at the point-of-sale. My guys can find SKU’s a lot quicker and they’re willing to use it more than they ever were."

- Leonard Gamss

Easily Manage Warranty Claims

It's never been easier to get the credits you deserve and eliminate manual warranty tracking processes with DDI's Inform ERP.

  • Set up vendor warranty information with required fields (including serial numbers) during the sales transaction
  • Store part specific information for quick reference
  • Easily track defective parts and vendor warranty submissions that require vendor reimbursement claims. Submitted claims automatically feed into your G/L

Streamline The Order Process

Expedite operational excellence with automated proof of delivery, signature capture, and advanced POS processing components.

  • Track deliveries and improve counter sales with embedded signatures on invoices and forms, including front counter and delivery signature capture
  • Expedite checkout with PCI compliant payment card processing
  • Accept electronic orders from your customers, eliminating the need for manual data entry with the optional OrderConnect & APConnect modules
  • Track shipments from Inform ERP and Inform eCommerce using automated UPS and FedEx tracking numbers, or manual common carrier PRO numbers from any carrier

Your Business is Great. 

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