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Visit DDI System at the ISSA Show 11/16-11/18 - Booth #1463

11/16/21 1:49 PM

Meet with the DDI System team to learn more about the innovative technology driving success for ISSA Members and JanSan/Paper Packaging distributors in today's market. DDI System's Inform ERP & eCommerce is comprehensive software that provides tools to unify operations and deliver the best customer experience possible.


Sarasota, FL – November 16, 2021

Visit DDI System in booth #1463 to learn about the industry-specific workflows and features that that drive continued growth for JanSan/Paper Packaging distributors. Inform ERP offers highly-developed tools to meet your customer’s demands.

Head to booth #1463 to locate the DDI System team and see in-person our innovative ERP & eCommerce technology distributors are succeeding with in today's market.

  • Increase Customer Engagement - Embedded CRM provides sales with the right information at the right time, driving customer loyalty and providing superior service over competitors.

  • Best-in-Class eCommerce - Inform eCommerce Pro is a fully connected platform with real-time ERP integration that provides accurate inventory levels and pricing.

  • Combat Variable Supply & Demand - Quickly identify and account for unusual and sporadic demand while planning for recurring orders and PO projections.

  • Smartphone-Ready ERP - Equip your sales team with valuable on-the-go information, and the ability to create a quote/order, and see customer service details while away from their desk.

"Inform has made everything more precise—from sales to accounting to inventory; it has given us the opportunity to maximize everything we do.”

- To Rise Supplies

Kate Fucci

Written by Kate Fucci