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White Paper: The Power of eCommerce

By Kate Fucci on 6/24/20 1:18 PM

Sarasota, FL – June 24, 2020 - Having a Strong Digital Presence is Crucial for Distributors Moving Forward: A new business reality requires new distributor thinking. The shopping journey as we know it has significantly shifted as a result of the pandemic, with an undeniable need to enhance the online customer experience. With social distancing guidelines in place, more customers are looking for a webstore that delivers rich content, filtered navigation, advanced search capabilities, and a superior, connected customer portal. For distributors to keep up with the changing needs of their online customers, having an ERP-connected webstore that creates a seamless shopping experience is imperative.

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10 Signs Your Distribution Business is Ready to Upgrade from QuickBooks

By Kate Fucci on 5/25/16 9:30 AM

Outgrown QuickBooks?Download the New Whitepaper: Is it time for your distribution business to upgrade from QuickBooks to a comprehensive ERP solution?

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Distributors Can Thrive by Changing their Inventory Game & Serving Customers Better

By Kate Fucci on 5/4/16 1:59 PM

If your demand management process isn’t helping you boost inventory turns and operational efficiency, you’re wasting a significant opportunity.

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