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Virtualrain Member Selects DDI System as the ERP Technology Provider to Move Their Business Forward

By Kate Fucci on 4/28/21 4:04 PM

Sarasota, FL – April 28, 2021

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors ERP distribution
2 min read

DDI System Releases Inform ERP Version 22

By Kate Fucci on 2/10/21 10:49 AM

Sandy Hook, CT – February 9, 2021 – DDI System’s Latest Product Release Includes Advanced Functionality that Empowers Distributors to Elevate Operations

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors CRM Company News Press Release ERP distribution
2 min read

Maximize Profitability with Strategic Pricing & Intelligent Forecasting

By Kate Fucci on 11/24/20 2:10 PM

Sandy Hook, CT – November 24, 2020 – Learn how JanSan distributors utilize ERP business intelligence to increase margins and drive customer confidence during these uncertain times.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors CRM Company News Press Release jansan ERP
2 min read

Elevating the Customer Experience Ensures Continuous Success

By Kate Fucci on 10/28/20 10:39 AM

Sandy Hook, CT – October 28, 2020 – Learn How Hundreds of Distributors are Transforming Disruption into Opportunity with Next-Generation ERP

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors CRM Company News Press Release ERP
1 min read

Automated Margin Protection Feature Allows Distributors to Operate with Confidence

By Kate Fucci on 4/20/20 2:59 PM

Sandy Hook, CT – April 20, 2020 – As we find ourselves adjusting to the “new normal” of today, having an ERP software with exceptional functionality and industry-specific features that save time and maximize operations is more important than ever.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors Company News Press Release Purchasing & Pricing ERP
1 min read

'Amazon-Proof' Your Showroom Business

By Denise Gagne on 11/1/18 4:18 PM

Home improvement has been one of the strongest segments in retail since the recession. When homeowners are shopping to repair or remodel their homes, the ability to consult with an expert is an attractive option.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors eCommerce Customer Engagement Disruption
6 min read

5 Reasons Why Distributors Need a Completely Connected ERP

By Kate Fucci on 7/10/18 10:14 AM

A major benefit of using an ERP solution in a modern business is that you can manage many core business areas with just one system. Financials, inventory management, purchasing management, and sales management are tied together allowing you maximum insight and control over operations. Keeping functions separate can cause a disconnect between departments, increasing the likelihood of data errors, duplication of functions or records, lack of visibility into the business as a whole, and overlooked opportunities for sales.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors Customer Engagement
2 min read

Redefining Customer Experience with an Integrated ERP

By Kate Fucci on 6/1/17 2:07 PM

As distributors know, staying top-of-mind with your customers is critically important for customer retention and for generating necessary word-of-mouth recommendations. Your customers play a much needed role in advocating your message, strength and loyalty. As a result, we are seeing a trend in newly created Customer Experience (CX) teams to help deliver guided client journeys managed with the thoughtful experience they deserve.  Growing popularity in account-based marketing efforts and "white-glove" service is the new expectation, setting wholesale distributors apart from digital disruptions and competitors alike.

The challenge is for distributors to tap into their ERP systems and harness the customer insight they could have available.  This "all-access" look at buying habits, profiles and customer trends shapes conversations that drive customer engagement. The beauty of this combination in an ERP software is that each and every person using the system is just as knowledgeable as the other -- turning purchase managers into inventory control experts and service staff into customer engagement specialists.  

A well-integrated CRM allows distributors to be experts on their customers in a variety of ways:

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors
2 min read

6 Tools Accountants Need in an ERP

By Kate Fucci on 10/5/16 2:30 PM

When looking to upgrade to an ERP system, make sure to keep your accounting needs in mind. There are tools that ERP software can offer that can help you (or your in-house accountant) to keep the numbers in order and prevent any costly or time-consuming problems.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors
2 min read

Top 5 Common Warehouse Problems - See How ERP Can Solve Them

By Kate Fucci on 9/7/16 9:30 AM

No matter your industry, dealing with warehouse problems can be a bottleneck to operations. In this article we'll go over 5 of the most common warehouse problems distributors face and how utilizing a comprehensive ERP system will make warehouse processes easier.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors
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