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DDI System News & Information

2 min read

ERP Software Company Provides Lifeline During Ransomware Attack for Distributor

By Lauren Verner on 5/14/19 11:28 AM

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: a ransomware attack holding all of their data - and backups - hostage. Bell Electrical Supply, a lighting and electrical supply distributor located in Woodside, NY, recently experienced this same unfortunate situation. Luckily for the IMARK Electrical Member, DDI System saved the distributor from what could have been a business crushing turn of events.

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7 min read

Zepole Supply Discusses the Power Behind DDI System’s Inform ERP Software for PRIDE Group Dealers

By Jennifer Rosvally on 10/1/18 10:17 AM

Just last year Zepole Supply turned to DDI System to make significant changes in their operational workflows. Zepole sought a solution that would help drive business operations into the future, and provide more robust capabilities that delivered advanced insight into operations. Owner Gary Thiakos sat down with DDI System’s Director of Marketing Jennifer Rosvally to discuss the transition, experience and what Zepole is now doing better than ever before with Inform ERP Software.

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3 min read

Buying Group Reputation Driving Force Behind Distributors’ Selection of DDI System’s Inform ERP Software

By Mary Jo Martin on 4/6/18 9:30 AM

Wichita Pipe & Supply, Wichita A/C Supply and Wichita Industrial Sales are mid-way through implementation of their new software solution — Inform ERP from DDI System. As members of industry-leading buying groups and associations including BLUE HAWK, Omni, NetPlus Alliance, DPA and HARDI, the distributors collectively chose DDI System due in part to their large client list and proven track record for success. Now, the businesses look to DDI to provide the foundation and tools needed to reach their goals in an increasingly digitized and competitive business environment.

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