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Inform Connects 2017 Spotlights Customer Engagement, eCommerce Disruption and Taking Inform ERP Software to the Next Level.

5/22/17 11:37 AM

Inform Connects brought together 250 Inform ERP system users for 2 days of intensive training on system capabilities, new features and thought provoking strategies facing the modern distributor. This year’s conference leveraged well-known industry thought leaders Steve Epner and Dirk Beveridge. Dirk brought energy to the crowd as he discussed innovation and building a new, relevant customer experience — something DDI System leverages as part of their mantra every single day. “What customers crave—and what few companies provide—are well designed experiences and complete solutions to their problems,” said Beveridge.

One core topic of conversation throughout the competition was around eCommerce and DDI’s ability to serve the meet customer needs 24/7. The eCommerce session (“Creating a Symphonic Customer Experience with eCommerce”) brought some of the largest audience attendance and excitement. DDI continues to enhance their all-in-one ERP solution and drive interest in eCommerce for the modern distributor. “Inform Connects was an opportunity for our users to see the full breadth of their ERP system, including elements they are not currently using and companion products that can further drive growth.

With the message ‘Your ERP Should Do More’, we truly believe that a robust system is the way to compete in today’s digital disruption. Inform goes beyond the basic necessities of delivering operational excellence to serve the new breed of extraordinarily empowered customers in an ever-changing competitive environment,” emphasizes DDI’s Director of Marketing, Jennifer Rosvally. “Inform Connects is a reflection of the desire to simply know more about the full potential in an ERP system. And DDI delivers that.” 

Walking away from the conference, users have a better understanding of what is in store for the future of DDI. Founder and President of DDI, Adam Waller’s “Roadmap to Competitive Advantages” provided insight into the next 18 months of development projects. One of those projects, Distribution Center, will focus on the next level of Warehouse Management. “Distribution Center will have all the functionalities of our current WMS, but deliver more of what we’re hearing from customers including license plate tracking, tasks by user job, bin capacity management, split level receiving and picking and deep warehouse analytics reporting,” says Waller. “These capabilities only further accentuate the demands of today’s distributors for full control of their warehouses in the most highly efficient and accurate ways.”

From engaged users to an array of service providers who help strengthen Inform Inform’s value proposition, Inform Connects capitalized on some of the most forward-thinking partners in the industry today. Inform Connects will reconvene in 2018 in a location to be determined.











Jennifer Rosvally
Written by Jennifer Rosvally

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