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Get Started on Your E-commerce Site to Prepare for the Future: M-commerce

8/24/16 9:30 AM

Distributors need to prepare themselves for the upcoming demand for m-commerce! Having an integrated e-commerce site in place now established your e-commerce workflow and solidifies your customer's online account access.

What is M-commerce? Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is a growing evolution optimizing e-commerce websites, sales apps and similar tools for mobile devices.

"According to Pew Research, Millennials have surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the American workforce in 2015,” states Stephanie Beecher in April’s Sanitary Maintenance Magazine.

This younger generation is more tech-savvy than any previous generation. Distributors need to expect future customers to demand mobile friendly e-commerce experiences - or they will buy elsewhere. With today's technology advancements with fully integrated e-commerce within ERP solutions, it's never been easier for wholesale distributors to take this leap.

Technology now makes it easy to pop-up e-commerce sites that are both professional and functional - without all the coding hassles of the past.

DDI System's Inform ERP delivers the integrated e-commerce tools (Inform eCommerce) that eliminate duplicate tasks, present real-time pricing and inventory data, and give access to a customer's account information including order status, past and open invoices, and management for multiple locations. 

DDI's approach with Inform eCommerce allows Inform users a strong advantage with both e-commerce AND m-commerce. What are you waiting for?

Topics: eCommerce
Kate Fucci

Written by Kate Fucci