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Virtualrain Member Selects DDI System as the ERP Technology Provider to Move Their Business Forward

By Kate Fucci on 4/28/21 4:04 PM

Sarasota, FL – April 28, 2021

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors ERP distribution
2 min read

DDI System Releases Inform ERP Version 22

By Kate Fucci on 2/10/21 10:49 AM

Sandy Hook, CT – February 9, 2021 – DDI System’s Latest Product Release Includes Advanced Functionality that Empowers Distributors to Elevate Operations

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors CRM Company News Press Release ERP distribution
2 min read

Maximize Profitability with Strategic Pricing & Intelligent Forecasting

By Kate Fucci on 11/24/20 2:10 PM

Sandy Hook, CT – November 24, 2020 – Learn how JanSan distributors utilize ERP business intelligence to increase margins and drive customer confidence during these uncertain times.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors CRM Company News Press Release jansan ERP
2 min read

Elevating the Customer Experience Ensures Continuous Success

By Kate Fucci on 10/28/20 10:39 AM

Sandy Hook, CT – October 28, 2020 – Learn How Hundreds of Distributors are Transforming Disruption into Opportunity with Next-Generation ERP

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors CRM Company News Press Release ERP

White Paper: The Power of eCommerce

By Kate Fucci on 6/24/20 1:18 PM

Sarasota, FL – June 24, 2020 - Having a Strong Digital Presence is Crucial for Distributors Moving Forward: A new business reality requires new distributor thinking. The shopping journey as we know it has significantly shifted as a result of the pandemic, with an undeniable need to enhance the online customer experience. With social distancing guidelines in place, more customers are looking for a webstore that delivers rich content, filtered navigation, advanced search capabilities, and a superior, connected customer portal. For distributors to keep up with the changing needs of their online customers, having an ERP-connected webstore that creates a seamless shopping experience is imperative.

Topics: eCommerce Whitepapers Company News Press Release ERP
1 min read

Automated Margin Protection Feature Allows Distributors to Operate with Confidence

By Kate Fucci on 4/20/20 2:59 PM

Sandy Hook, CT – April 20, 2020 – As we find ourselves adjusting to the “new normal” of today, having an ERP software with exceptional functionality and industry-specific features that save time and maximize operations is more important than ever.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors Company News Press Release Purchasing & Pricing ERP
2 min read

Remain Fast, Smart & Strong During These Changing Times

By Kate Fucci on 4/16/20 4:36 PM

Sandy Hook, CT – April 16, 2020 – With so much change happening in the world right now, no one is quite sure what each new day will bring. Many unforeseen factors, including the work-from-home and shelter-in-place mandates imposed by local and state governments, are challenging distributor’s abilities to meet customer needs and adjust to new evolving purchase patterns.

Topics: Company News Press Release ERP
1 min read

David Greene Joins DDI System, Leading the Company’s Focus on ERP Software and Support for Foodservice Equipment Distributors

By Kate Fucci on 1/16/20 10:04 AM

Sarasota, FL – January 16, 2020 – David Greene, founder and former partner at Mazi Solutions, a market-specific ERP for Foodservice Equipment and Supply dealers and distributors, has joined DDI System as a dedicated Market Specialist. Greene’s wealth of industry expertise and trusted relationships strengthen DDI’s focus on the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies industry. Greene now leads communication and strategic direction for these distributors and their industry trade organizations.

Topics: Company News Press Release Food Service Equipment
3 min read

Research Shows More Than Half of Jan/San End-Users Want to Purchase Goods Online… So What Are You Waiting For?

By Kate Fucci on 11/11/19 3:34 PM

As a consumer, you might purchase household items or groceries online, but how often do you use the internet to purchase business goods? If you don’t at this point, there’s a good chance you may in the near future.

Topics: eCommerce Disruption jansan ERP
2 min read

DDI System Set to Showcase Showroom Specific ERP Technology as New DPHA Vendor

By Kate Fucci on 10/25/19 12:21 PM

Sarasota, FL – October 25, 2019 – DDI System, a leader in ERP and eCommerce technology for showroom distributors, will showcase new, advanced functionality during their first DPHA Conference appearance November 7th. The distribution technology provider will be on hand to engage with distributors about today’s marketplace challenges and discuss how Inform’s leading-edge ERP, eCommerce and Warehouse Management helps navigate disruption. DDI will also provide ongoing demonstrations of industry-specific workflows that drive operational excellence.

Topics: Press Release ERP
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