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DDI System's eCommerce Technology Nabs 2019 ISSA Innovation Award Finalist Spot

By Alexandra Mendez on 8/22/19 10:00 AM

DDI System’s Inform eCommerce Pro has been recognized as a finalist for the 2019 ISSA Innovation Award. The robust eCommerce solution has been selected as a contender under the Services & Technology category. Industry professionals can vote online for the latest innovation through November 15th.

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2 min read

ERP Software Company Provides Lifeline During Ransomware Attack for Distributor

By Lauren Verner on 5/14/19 11:28 AM

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: a ransomware attack holding all of their data - and backups - hostage. Bell Electrical Supply, a lighting and electrical supply distributor located in Woodside, NY, recently experienced this same unfortunate situation. Luckily for the IMARK Electrical Member, DDI System saved the distributor from what could have been a business crushing turn of events.

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1 min read

IMARK Group Welcomes DDI System as a Member Service Provider

By Jennifer Rosvally on 3/29/19 2:44 PM

DDI System, a provider of ERP software for wholesale PHCP, PVF, Electrical and HVAC distributors, is pleased to announce their Member Service Provider affiliation with IMARK GROUP — the only multi-vertical member-owned and fully member- controlled marketing group serving the plumbing and electrical industries.

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DDI System Introduces Inform eCommerce Pro

By Alexandra Mendez on 1/17/19 4:25 PM

DDI System announced the release of Inform eCommerce Pro, a flexible eCommerce platform for both B2B and B2C retail shoppers.

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2 min read

DDI System Joins Luxury Products Group Showcasing Efficient Operations, Loyalty Driving CRM and Consumer-grade eCommerce

By Jennifer Rosvally on 1/10/19 11:12 AM

Luxury Products Group (LPG) has introduced DDI System, a leader in ERP Software for PHCP and luxury showroom distributors, to its elite group of forward-thinking members. The announcement serves as a means to elevate awareness of the robust features and leading customer engagement tools available for showroom operations ahead of LPG’s Annual Expo January 24th-25th, 2019 in Orlando.

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'Amazon-Proof' Your Showroom Business

By Denise Gagne on 11/1/18 4:18 PM

Home improvement has been one of the strongest segments in retail since the recession. When homeowners are shopping to repair or remodel their homes, the ability to consult with an expert is an attractive option.

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DDI System releases Inform Version 19

By Alexandra Mendez on 10/5/18 9:33 AM

DDI System announced the release of Inform Version 19, adding new features, improving performance and offering even greater ease-of-use.

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A Rapidly Growing Client List Drives DDI System’s Introduction to the PRIDE Centric Resources Group

By Jennifer Rosvally on 10/2/18 10:20 AM

NEWS RELEASE -- PRIDE Centric Resources introduces DDI System, a leader in ERP Software for Restaurant & Foodservice Equipment Distributors, to its elite group of forward-thinking Dealer members. The announcement serves as a means to elevate awareness of the robust operational features designed for PRIDE Dealers in preparation for the upcoming annual conference in Louisville October 8-12th.

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7 min read

Zepole Supply Discusses the Power Behind DDI System’s Inform ERP Software for PRIDE Group Dealers

By Jennifer Rosvally on 10/1/18 10:17 AM

Just last year Zepole Supply turned to DDI System to make significant changes in their operational workflows. Zepole sought a solution that would help drive business operations into the future, and provide more robust capabilities that delivered advanced insight into operations. Owner Gary Thiakos sat down with DDI System’s Director of Marketing Jennifer Rosvally to discuss the transition, experience and what Zepole is now doing better than ever before with Inform ERP Software.

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6 min read

5 Reasons Why Distributors Need a Completely Connected ERP

By Jennifer Rosvally on 7/10/18 10:14 AM

A major benefit of using an ERP solution in a modern business is that you can manage many core business areas with just one system. Financials, inventory management, purchasing management, and sales management are tied together allowing you maximum insight and control over operations. Keeping functions separate can cause a disconnect between departments, increasing the likelihood of data errors, duplication of functions or records, lack of visibility into the business as a whole, and overlooked opportunities for sales.

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