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Virtualrain Member Selects DDI System as the ERP Technology Provider to Move Their Business Forward

4/28/21 4:04 PM

Sarasota, FL – April 28, 2021

DDI System is excited to welcome Virtualrain member, Spring Brook Supply, as their newest customer. DDI System's leading-edge ERP technology and industry-specific experience equips distributors with the ability to drive operational excellence, improve margins, and thrive in today's competitive, changing marketplace.

“The team at Spring Brook Supply hadn’t seriously considered the need to replace our business software. We were content with the software that we’d been using for years, but a recent event hosted by Virtualrain made us realize how antiquated our current software was”, said Brandon Veltema, Sales, Spring Brook Supply. “The event allowed us to see a product demo of DDI’s Inform ERP Software and we and quickly realized we needed to see more of what Inform ERP can do to help move our business forward.”

DDI System's leading technology in inventory forecasting, warranty tracking, eCommerce, and a fully integrated CRM helps Irrigation distributors prepare for the future of their business operations and the clients they serve every day. “A few of the many Inform ERP features that impressed us were the ability to easily create a sales order, the simplified navigation to find inventory details, and the advanced purchasing module which will help us project and maintain proper inventory levels, especially since we are a seasonal business”, said Veltema. “We’re confident that DDI’s software will create more efficiency and accuracy within our business and will help us in our continued growth.”

Inform ERP is a powerful software solution that understands your customers, products, and workflows. To find out why so many Irrigation distributors choose Inform ERP, please visit www.DDIsystem.com or call us at 877-599-4334 to schedule a personalized product tour with a DDI System Solution Specialist.


Kate Fucci

Written by Kate Fucci