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'Amazon-Proof' Your Showroom Business

11/1/18 4:18 PM

Home improvement has been one of the strongest segments in retail since the recession. When homeowners are shopping to repair or remodel their homes, the ability to consult with an expert is an attractive option.

Amazon attempted to take over the home improvement industry with Amazon Local Services (which was later renamed Amazon Home Services), but it never took off. Luxury home products showrooms can be 'Amazon-Proof' businesses because they offer shoppers experiences or services that can't be replicated online.

Making your business as 'Amazon-proof' as possible is critical in today's competitive marketplace. Utilizing a multi-channel experience takes your customer all the way through an initial online visit to the delivery of the Lighting, Bath or Kitchen fixtures.

Personalized-Showroom-DemoFirst, a potential buyer visits your online catalog or eCommerce storefront. At this stage, they may begin their wishlist using your well-designed online catalog. Next, they'll likely visit your showroom, which has visual cues that clearly connect the online shopper with your brick and mortar store. Well-versed showroom staff can use mobile technology to walk the buyer through the showroom, scanning barcoded display labels to build or add to the wishlist. Then, the showroom salesperson converts the wishlist to a proposal in your ERP system and quickly produces a professionally formatted color Proposal Quote with images, extended product descriptions, organized by room name. This multi-channel experience is what today's distributor must offer to stay competitive. 

This consultative, added value showroom experience is unmatched by an online marketplace or a home center.

To see it in action, look at DDI System’s Inform ERP for Lighting, Kitchen and Bath retailers.

Contact DDI today for a live demonstration of DDI System's newest functionality built exclusively for showroom distributors. Your personalized demo will showcase new tools that every showroom distributor needs to compete in today's marketplace. 

Denise Gagne

Written by Denise Gagne