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ERP Software Company Provides Lifeline During Ransomware Attack for Distributor

5/14/19 11:28 AM

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: a ransomware attack holding all of their data - and backups - hostage. Bell Electrical Supply, a lighting and electrical supply distributor located in Woodside, NY, recently experienced this same unfortunate situation. Luckily for the IMARK Electrical Member, DDI System saved the distributor from what could have been a business crushing turn of events.

"I was in the process of migrating my software over to DDI, with a live kick-off date scheduled for early March," says Anthony of Bell Electrical Supply. "I was attacked with ransomware in the morning of February 2nd. The virus infected and shut down my server and subsequently infected my backups as well."

In response to the emergency situation, DDI immediately sent a team on-site to implement the Inform  ERP Software transition, which wasn’t due to take place for another month. Utilizing data that was pulled from Bell’s server in early January, DDI’s team was able to restore the data and eliminate the ransomware attack. Not without some hard work, Anthony notes "We basically rebuilt Accounts Receivable with hard copies." The attention to detail and immediate customer support enabled Bell Electrical Supply to be up and running that same day.

"There were a number of factors that I was really lucky with—if you could be lucky in a situation like that," Anthony said. "But, in the end, we were up and running at full capacity with only about one day of down time. I have to give credit where credit is due, and it most certainly is due to DDI’s quick response to my difficult situation. DDI’s response proved to me how much they value each customer."

Other team members of Bell Electrical Supply agreed saying DDI’s Inform ERP Software was their lifeboat. "DDI System's quick reaction to the situation – even though we weren’t officially 'Live' on the system, essentially saved my businesses."

Now just 3 months later Bell Electrical Supply is running smoothly on the Inform ERP platform. "Not only that, but we are so much happier with the software itself," Anthony raves. "I was on Prophet 21 for years. Inform’s usability and reporting functions are second to none. And of course, that customer support team is awesome as well."

DDI System’s history of outstanding customer support and implementation dates back more than 26 years, when the company began providing ERP software to distributors throughout North America. Today, DDI System operates 4 coast-to-coast offices in the US and has over 1100 customers in focused industries including Electrical & Lighting, PHCP, HVAC, PVF, JanSan, Paper & Packaging, Fastener & Bearing and Wholesale Hard Goods.

Lauren Verner
Written by Lauren Verner

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