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David Greene Joins DDI System, Leading the Company’s Focus on ERP Software and Support for Foodservice Equipment Distributors

1/16/20 10:04 AM

Sarasota, FL – January 16, 2020 – David Greene, founder and former partner at Mazi Solutions, a market-specific ERP for Foodservice Equipment and Supply dealers and distributors, has joined DDI System as a dedicated Market Specialist. Greene’s wealth of industry expertise and trusted relationships strengthen DDI’s focus on the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies industry. Greene now leads communication and strategic direction for these distributors and their industry trade organizations.

“Having David join our leadership team brings tremendous passion and focus to DDI System as we invest in meeting the unique needs of these businesses. David’s experience and relationships will strengthen the Inform ERP user experience, daily operations, and profitability for Foodservice Equipment and Supply Distributors,” says DDI System’s CEO Adam Waller.

Greene’s prior experience includes Vice President of Business Development at AutoQuotes, where he assisted in sales, product development and implementation of the leading quoting software for Foodservice Equipment and Commercial Kitchen Design. Additionally as a partner at Orgo, Inc., David implemented a custom CRM and commission tracking system for foodservice equipment manufacturers’ agents.

DDI System serves over 1,200 distributors in North America, providing industry-aware ERP and eCommerce software and services to wholesalers. DDI’s leading Inform ERP platform combines operational benefits including AutoQuotes integration, daily operations, warehouse management,  embedded CRM, eCommerce, analytics, and financial reporting. 

For more information on DDI’s capabilities for Foodservice Equipment Distributors, register for the informational webinar on February 6th at 11 am ET by visiting: ddisystem.com/fse.

Kate Fucci

Written by Kate Fucci