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Adam Waller

Recent posts by Adam Waller

Another Johnstone Supply Chooses Inform

By Adam Waller on 8/30/16 10:30 AM

Recently, Johnstone Supply in Chicopee, Mass. officially went live with DDI System's Inform ERP software! This Johnstone location decided to transition from General Data Systems ProfitTool to gain industry specific features and create their fully integrated e-commerce storefront.

We welcome their team to the DDI family of Inform users and look forward to a long partnership!

Learn more about Inform ERP for HVAC distributors »

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1 min read

Allegheny Tool and Supply Chooses Inform

By Adam Waller on 5/11/16 3:30 PM

Allegheny Tool and Supply had outgrown their Sage Peachtree system and was looking for a comprehensive solution that ran their inventory and accounting but also brought them up to speed with CRM, e-commerce and mobile sales. They also needed to streamline their UPS shipments and wanted a proof-of-delivery solution. DDI System's Inform ERP Software was the best solution for this industrial supplier!

With DDI's Inform, this growing distributor instantly met their main goals:

  • A streamlined UPS integration for ease of deliveries
  • Electronic signature capture that automatically populates a proof-of-delivery box on all invoices.
  • Readily available for advanced customer relationship managment including client and prospect information.
  • Inform eCommerce to generate an online storefront through Inform ERP without duplicate work! Inform eCommerce will wow their customers with a customer-specific portal to review all of their account information and present their customer-specific pricing instantly.
  • Inform's MobiOrder is allowing their sales team to link to Inform anywhere and with any device.

DDI System is happy to have Allegheny Tool and Supply join the list of industrial distributors choosing Inform ERP to run their complete operations with ease. 

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Inform ERP Implemented for Smith Electric Distributors

By Adam Waller on 5/5/16 10:00 AM

Smith Electric Distributors have joined the growing list of distribution companies choosing DDI System's Inform ERP solution. 

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N & N Supply Company Goes Live with Inform ERP Software

By Adam Waller on 4/26/16 1:00 PM

DDI System is happy to announce that N & N Supply Company has implemented Inform ERP. N & N has been supplying wholesale plumbing, heating and air conditioning to Northeast Philadelphia and the greater Delaware Valley for over 60 years.

They join over 55 Equity Plumbing members already using DDI's Inform across the nation. Switching from Whole Solutions, N & N Supply will benefit with electronic proof of delivery signature capture, electronic document scanning, advanced demand forecasting, improved accounting, and outstanding business performance analytics.

We look forward to working wiht N & N Supply as they continue to gain a competitive advantage and grow wtih DDI's Inform ERP - exclusively for distributors. 

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Southern Valve and Fitting USA, Inc. Chooses DDI System's Inform ERP Software for Distributors

By Adam Waller on 4/21/16 10:30 AM

We're proud to announce that DDI System’s Inform ERP Software has been successfully implemented at Southern Valve and Fitting USA, Inc in Florida. Since 1995, Southern Valve has been a distribution company in the plumbing and hydronic heating supply industry.

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Congratulations to Michigan Pipe and Valve on Inform ERP Launch

By Adam Waller on 4/14/16 11:30 AM

We welcome our latest member to the DDI family, Michigan Pipe and Valve - Jackson, on their recent successful implementation of Inform ERP software. Michigan Pipe and Valve - Jackson will be improving their productivity with electronic proof of delivery allowing their delivery trucks to capture signatures on-the-go that are automatically populated onto their invoices! Paperless document scanning will assist in a more paper and file free environment saving time and costs.  

DDI System looks forward to assisting Michigan Pipe and Valve - Jackson in their future growth.

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2 min read

Analyzing the Benefits of 2015's Most Important Warehouse Trends

By Adam Waller on 3/23/16 2:14 PM

In Industrial Distribution magazine’s article, “The Top 5 Warehouse Management Trends Of 2015”, Denny Hammack, President of Patterson Pope, analyzes the most important trends impacting warehouse management last year.  These trends included product recall handling and employee safety procedures, third party logistics, mobility for order placement and fulfillment, warehouse management for multi-channel operations, and automation improvements.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors
2 min read

DDI System Refines the Art of Cycle Counting and Adds 20 Decision ­Driving Dashboards

By Adam Waller on 3/10/16 1:22 PM

DDI System, a leading ERP software provider for wholesale distributors, released Inform ERP version 21.0.15, with significant new features for Wholesale Distributors.

1 min read

Maintaining Efficiency With Modern Technology

By Adam Waller on 3/1/16 10:30 AM

Brooke Baum, in Modern Distribution Management's article "Recommended Reading: 3 Keys to a More Successful Supply Chain", offers three insightful tips suppliers can use to succeed.

Gain Profits and Prevent Income Loss with eCommerce Sites

By Adam Waller on 12/30/15 1:27 PM

Industrial Distribution magazine's latest article discusses the need for distributors to utilize strong tools to succeed in an online sales world.  Understanding profit margins and sales can make or break an online storefront. 

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