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E-Commerce Crucial for Electrical Distributors in 2016

By Lauren Verner on 1/28/16 3:30 PM

In Bridget McCrea's recent article "Are You Missing the E-Commerce Target?", it is clear that the amount of online sales is continuing to grow - and it's time electrical distributors take full advantage.

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ERP Implementation Advice

By Lauren Verner on 1/26/16 11:38 AM

Looking for good advice on ERP implementations? "ERP: Lessons from the Field" by Chris Schmidt, Director at CFO Research, highlights topics to consider.

DDI System delivers more than award winning ERP software (Inform ERP), we deliver the industry experts that help your company from beginning to succeeding.

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A Plumbing Supply Leader Partnered with DDI System for Ongoing Growth & Success

By Lauren Verner on 1/21/16 12:34 PM

"Finding the Future: BENDER, DDI, and a Quiet Evolution" - this feature article in the latest edition of The Wholesaler magazine features long time DDI System customer Bender Plumbing and their road map for success.

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Don't Let 'Inventory Vampires' Suck Profit From Your Business

By Lauren Verner on 1/13/16 10:00 AM

Danah Head, a member of The Distribution Team, discusses the need for comprehensive inventory management and demand forecasting in a recent edition of Industrial Supply Magazine. Danah states that without these tools, distributors should "Beware the Inventory Vampires".