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DDI's User Conference a Huge Success

By Lauren Verner on 11/30/15 10:30 AM

Inform connects group panel

In November of 2015 DDI System's Inform ERP software users came together in Dallas, TX for 'Inform Connects 2015', DDI's user conference. 

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1 min read

Industrial Supply Says Distributors Must Have an E-Commerce Site

By Lauren Verner on 11/24/15 10:00 AM

Industrial Supply Magazine recently published an article titled "Why Distributors Must Have an E-Commerce Site". In this article, Dean Mueller and Jonathan Bein talk about how sites such as Amazon.com have elevated customer expectations of online transactions. The way we buy as "home" consumers also carries over into our "work" purchases in a B2B world.

Topics: eCommerce
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Congratulations to Inform Users - Newly Elected to Triple S Board of Directors

By Alexandra Mendez on 11/17/15 3:00 PM

DDI System would like to congratulate the Inform ERP sofware users named to the Triple S Board of Directors.

These distributors are staying ahead of the competition with today's latest technology, making a positive impact within their organizations, and now sharing their experience with their fellow buying group members!

Topics: Inform Users
2 min read

DDI System’s Inform ERP Helping Distributors to Build the Perfect Purchase Order

By Alexandra Mendez on 11/11/15 3:27 PM

DDI System, a leading ERP solution provider for wholesale distributors, has released the latest version of their Inform ERP Software, Version 14.

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Wholesale Distributors are Succeeding Online, Is Your Business Ready?

By Adam Waller on 11/4/15 10:19 AM

Online inventoryA recent article in Contractor Supply Magazine talks about the need for distributors to have a managed and accurate inventory within their operations in order to succeed with an online storefront.

E-commerce can be daunting if your operations are not already utilizing leading technology to run daily operations. DDI's Inform ERP software is a comprehensive solution that manages your inventory and purchasing, accounting, performance analytics, and so much more.