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Industrial Distributors are Focusing on the Future

By Kate Fucci on 9/30/15 11:43 AM

Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier, editor of Modern Distribution Management, published an article in Industrial Supply Magazine speaking to the latest trends driving growth among industrial distributors. In it she discusses the top trends MDM is tracking this year:

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Electrical Wholesaling Magazine Speaks Out

By Kate Fucci on 9/24/15 3:29 PM

Today's best-in-class distributors have recognized the changing market and are proactively investing to control their future.

In a recent article by Dominic Telaro, top distributors are no longer using ERP systems for basic operations but pulling the information to make wiser business decisions. Mr. Telaro highlights the top 5 needs facing distributors today:

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Connected Businesses Are Achieving Higher Success

By Kate Fucci on 9/17/15 2:41 PM

Today’s business environment calls for distributors to operate with new agility. Wholesale distributors need a robust ERP that keeps pace with the mobile and eCommerce evolution. Inform ERP is that solution; industry-aware software for high performance operations, with connection to cloud based sales channels.