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Review the G/L Year-End Close Process

By DDI System on 12/5/22 3:50 PM

Our Accounting team recommends that all inform users review the Year-End Close Process Guide in our Help Center prior to closing the 2002 accounting year.

1 min read

DDI System Welcomes New Customer: Able Paper & Janitorial Supplies

By Kate Fucci on 6/16/22 2:20 PM

DDI System is thrilled to announce our newest customer: Able Paper & Janitorial Supplies, based out of Merrillville, IN.

Topics: jansan distribution Distribution Software

DDI System Welcomes New Customer: Vermont Lighting House

By Kate Fucci on 3/28/22 11:52 AM

DDI System is thrilled to announce our newest customer: Vermont Lighting House, based out of Shelburne, VT.

Topics: distribution Distribution Software lighting showroom
2 min read

DDI System Announces New Partnership with Horizon Buying Group

By Kate Fucci on 2/22/22 1:39 PM

Sarasota, FL – DDI System partners with Horizon Buying Group and offers members struggling with existing technology a software option built to drive success for Food Service Equipment Dealer/Distributors.

Topics: Buying Groups Distribution Software
2 min read

DDI System announces new Strategic Business Partnership with the Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD)

By Kate Fucci on 2/16/22 9:34 AM

Sarasota, FL – February 16, 2022 – In a recent agreement, DDI System has partnered with the Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD) to provide technology solutions for AHTD members.

Topics: Buying Groups Distribution Software
1 min read

DDI System Welcomes New Customer: Harris Restaurant Supply

By Kate Fucci on 2/7/22 11:48 AM

DDI System is thrilled to announce our newest customer to join the DDI family: Harris Restaurant Supply, based out of Port Chester, NY.

Topics: Food Service Equipment distribution Distribution Software
1 min read

DDI System Welcomes New Customer: Foodservice Equipment Brokers

By Kate Fucci on 1/13/22 3:33 PM

DDI System is thrilled to announce our newest customer to join the DDI family: Foodservice Equipment Brokers, based out of Springdale, AR. Thank you to FEB for putting your trust in us.  #InformERP 

Topics: Food Service Equipment distribution Distribution Software
1 min read

DDI System announces David Greene as new Director of Business Development – with a focus on communication, relationships, and new business opportunities.

By Kate Fucci on 11/22/21 11:18 AM

Sarasota, FL – November 22, 2021 – DDI System, a leading provider of ERP & eCommerce software for wholesale distributors, is pleased to announce David Greene has stepped into a new role with the company as Director of Business Development. David, founder and former partner of a market-specific ERP for Foodservice Equipment and Supply dealers joined DDI System as a dedicated Foodservice Market Specialist in January 2020. Greene’s wealth of industry expertise and trusted relationships strengthened DDI’s focus and growth in the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies industry over the past year and a half.

Topics: Company News Press Release
2 min read

Visit DDI System at the ISSA Show 11/16-11/18 - Booth #1463

By Kate Fucci on 11/16/21 1:49 PM

Meet with the DDI System team to learn more about the innovative technology driving success for ISSA Members and JanSan/Paper Packaging distributors in today's market. DDI System's Inform ERP & eCommerce is comprehensive software that provides tools to unify operations and deliver the best customer experience possible.


Topics: Trade Shows Distribution Software
2 min read

Visit DDI System at the DPHA Virtual Show 10/14-10/15

By Kate Fucci on 10/11/21 4:06 PM

DDI System's Inform ERP Software is comprehensive software that provides DPHA Members and showroom distributors tools to unify operations and deliver the best customer experience possible.

Topics: Trade Shows Distribution Software Showroom Distributors
1 min read

Virtualrain Member Selects DDI System as the ERP Technology Provider to Move Their Business Forward

By Kate Fucci on 4/28/21 4:04 PM

Sarasota, FL – April 28, 2021

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors ERP distribution
2 min read

DDI System Releases Inform ERP Version 22

By Kate Fucci on 2/10/21 10:49 AM

Sandy Hook, CT – February 9, 2021 – DDI System’s Latest Product Release Includes Advanced Functionality that Empowers Distributors to Elevate Operations

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors CRM Company News Press Release ERP distribution
2 min read

Maximize Profitability with Strategic Pricing & Intelligent Forecasting

By Kate Fucci on 11/24/20 2:10 PM

Sandy Hook, CT – November 24, 2020 – Learn how JanSan distributors utilize ERP business intelligence to increase margins and drive customer confidence during these uncertain times.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors CRM Company News Press Release jansan ERP
2 min read

Elevating the Customer Experience Ensures Continuous Success

By Kate Fucci on 10/28/20 10:39 AM

Sandy Hook, CT – October 28, 2020 – Learn How Hundreds of Distributors are Transforming Disruption into Opportunity with Next-Generation ERP

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors CRM Company News Press Release ERP

White Paper: The Power of eCommerce

By Kate Fucci on 6/24/20 1:18 PM

Sarasota, FL – June 24, 2020 - Having a Strong Digital Presence is Crucial for Distributors Moving Forward: A new business reality requires new distributor thinking. The shopping journey as we know it has significantly shifted as a result of the pandemic, with an undeniable need to enhance the online customer experience. With social distancing guidelines in place, more customers are looking for a webstore that delivers rich content, filtered navigation, advanced search capabilities, and a superior, connected customer portal. For distributors to keep up with the changing needs of their online customers, having an ERP-connected webstore that creates a seamless shopping experience is imperative.

Topics: eCommerce Whitepapers Company News Press Release ERP
1 min read

Automated Margin Protection Feature Allows Distributors to Operate with Confidence

By Kate Fucci on 4/20/20 2:59 PM

Sandy Hook, CT – April 20, 2020 – As we find ourselves adjusting to the “new normal” of today, having an ERP software with exceptional functionality and industry-specific features that save time and maximize operations is more important than ever.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors Company News Press Release Purchasing & Pricing ERP
2 min read

Remain Fast, Smart & Strong During These Changing Times

By Kate Fucci on 4/16/20 4:36 PM

Sandy Hook, CT – April 16, 2020 – With so much change happening in the world right now, no one is quite sure what each new day will bring. Many unforeseen factors, including the work-from-home and shelter-in-place mandates imposed by local and state governments, are challenging distributor’s abilities to meet customer needs and adjust to new evolving purchase patterns.

Topics: Company News Press Release ERP
1 min read

David Greene Joins DDI System, Leading the Company’s Focus on ERP Software and Support for Foodservice Equipment Distributors

By Kate Fucci on 1/16/20 10:04 AM

Sarasota, FL – January 16, 2020 – David Greene, founder and former partner at Mazi Solutions, a market-specific ERP for Foodservice Equipment and Supply dealers and distributors, has joined DDI System as a dedicated Market Specialist. Greene’s wealth of industry expertise and trusted relationships strengthen DDI’s focus on the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies industry. Greene now leads communication and strategic direction for these distributors and their industry trade organizations.

Topics: Company News Press Release Food Service Equipment
3 min read

Research Shows More Than Half of Jan/San End-Users Want to Purchase Goods Online… So What Are You Waiting For?

By Kate Fucci on 11/11/19 3:34 PM

As a consumer, you might purchase household items or groceries online, but how often do you use the internet to purchase business goods? If you don’t at this point, there’s a good chance you may in the near future.

Topics: eCommerce Disruption jansan ERP
2 min read

DDI System Set to Showcase Showroom Specific ERP Technology as New DPHA Vendor

By Kate Fucci on 10/25/19 12:21 PM

Sarasota, FL – October 25, 2019 – DDI System, a leader in ERP and eCommerce technology for showroom distributors, will showcase new, advanced functionality during their first DPHA Conference appearance November 7th. The distribution technology provider will be on hand to engage with distributors about today’s marketplace challenges and discuss how Inform’s leading-edge ERP, eCommerce and Warehouse Management helps navigate disruption. DDI will also provide ongoing demonstrations of industry-specific workflows that drive operational excellence.

Topics: Press Release ERP
2 min read

6 Features JanSan Distributors Should Look for in an eCommerce Solution

By Kate Fucci on 10/15/19 10:17 AM

For many JanSan distributors, evaluating eCommerce software solutions can feel a tad overwhelming. You know what you want — a robust solution that allows you to compete online and provides an exceptional customer experience, but what do you really need?

If you’re looking to implement a new eCommerce solution, we’re here to help. We’ve spoken with hundreds of JanSan distributors and developed the following list of features that matter most in their business:

1. Compatibility

Topics: eCommerce jansan ERP
2 min read

DDI System Releases Inform ERP Software Version 20

By Kate Fucci on 10/3/19 12:17 PM

DDI System’s Latest Product Release Packs in Advanced Functionality for Distributor Businesses

Topics: Company News Press Release
2 min read

DDI System's eCommerce Technology Nabs 2019 ISSA Innovation Award Finalist Spot

By Kate Fucci on 8/22/19 10:00 AM

DDI System’s Inform eCommerce Pro has been recognized as a finalist for the 2019 ISSA Innovation Award. The robust eCommerce solution has been selected as a contender under the Services & Technology category. Industry professionals can vote online for the latest innovation through November 15th.

Topics: DDI System Partners Company News Press Release Buying Groups
2 min read

ERP Software Company Provides Lifeline During Ransomware Attack for Distributor

By Kate Fucci on 5/14/19 11:28 AM

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: a ransomware attack holding all of their data - and backups - hostage. Bell Electrical Supply, a lighting and electrical supply distributor located in Woodside, NY, recently experienced this same unfortunate situation. Luckily for the IMARK Electrical Member, DDI System saved the distributor from what could have been a business crushing turn of events.

Topics: Inform Users customer success
1 min read

IMARK Group Welcomes DDI System as a Member Service Provider

By Kate Fucci on 3/29/19 2:44 PM

DDI System, a provider of ERP software for wholesale PHCP, PVF, Electrical and HVAC distributors, is pleased to announce their Member Service Provider affiliation with IMARK GROUP — the only multi-vertical member-owned and fully member- controlled marketing group serving the plumbing and electrical industries.

Topics: Company News Press Release Buying Groups
1 min read

DDI System Introduces Inform eCommerce Pro

By Kate Fucci on 1/17/19 4:25 PM

DDI System announced the release of Inform eCommerce Pro, a flexible eCommerce platform for both B2B and B2C retail shoppers.

Topics: eCommerce Company News Press Release
2 min read

DDI System Joins Luxury Products Group Showcasing Efficient Operations, Loyalty Driving CRM and Consumer-grade eCommerce

By Kate Fucci on 1/10/19 11:12 AM

Luxury Products Group (LPG) has introduced DDI System, a leader in ERP Software for PHCP and luxury showroom distributors, to its elite group of forward-thinking members. The announcement serves as a means to elevate awareness of the robust features and leading customer engagement tools available for showroom operations ahead of LPG’s Annual Expo January 24th-25th, 2019 in Orlando.

Topics: Company News Press Release Buying Groups
1 min read

'Amazon-Proof' Your Showroom Business

By Denise Gagne on 11/1/18 4:18 PM

Home improvement has been one of the strongest segments in retail since the recession. When homeowners are shopping to repair or remodel their homes, the ability to consult with an expert is an attractive option.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors eCommerce Customer Engagement Disruption
2 min read

DDI System releases Inform Version 19

By Kate Fucci on 10/5/18 9:33 AM

DDI System announced the release of Inform Version 19, adding new features, improving performance and offering even greater ease-of-use.

Topics: Company News Press Release
2 min read

A Rapidly Growing Client List Drives DDI System’s Introduction to the PRIDE Centric Resources Group

By Kate Fucci on 10/2/18 10:20 AM

NEWS RELEASE -- PRIDE Centric Resources introduces DDI System, a leader in ERP Software for Restaurant & Foodservice Equipment Distributors, to its elite group of forward-thinking Dealer members. The announcement serves as a means to elevate awareness of the robust operational features designed for PRIDE Dealers in preparation for the upcoming annual conference in Louisville October 8-12th.

Topics: Company News Press Release Buying Groups
7 min read

Zepole Supply Discusses the Power Behind DDI System’s Inform ERP Software for PRIDE Group Dealers

By Kate Fucci on 10/1/18 10:17 AM

Just last year Zepole Supply turned to DDI System to make significant changes in their operational workflows. Zepole sought a solution that would help drive business operations into the future, and provide more robust capabilities that delivered advanced insight into operations. Owner Gary Thiakos sat down with DDI System’s Director of Marketing Jennifer Rosvally to discuss the transition, experience and what Zepole is now doing better than ever before with Inform ERP Software.

Topics: Inform Users customer success
6 min read

5 Reasons Why Distributors Need a Completely Connected ERP

By Kate Fucci on 7/10/18 10:14 AM

A major benefit of using an ERP solution in a modern business is that you can manage many core business areas with just one system. Financials, inventory management, purchasing management, and sales management are tied together allowing you maximum insight and control over operations. Keeping functions separate can cause a disconnect between departments, increasing the likelihood of data errors, duplication of functions or records, lack of visibility into the business as a whole, and overlooked opportunities for sales.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors Customer Engagement
3 min read

Buying Group Reputation Driving Force Behind Distributors’ Selection of DDI System’s Inform ERP Software

By Mary Jo Martin on 4/6/18 9:30 AM

Wichita Pipe & Supply, Wichita A/C Supply and Wichita Industrial Sales are mid-way through implementation of their new software solution — Inform ERP from DDI System. As members of industry-leading buying groups and associations including BLUE HAWK, Omni, NetPlus Alliance, DPA and HARDI, the distributors collectively chose DDI System due in part to their large client list and proven track record for success. Now, the businesses look to DDI to provide the foundation and tools needed to reach their goals in an increasingly digitized and competitive business environment.

Topics: Inform Users Press Release customer success
1 min read

DDI System Named “Top ERP Vendor to Watch in 2018”

By Kate Fucci on 2/20/18 9:30 AM

DDI System has been named a “Top ERP Vendor to Watch in 2018” according to Solutions Review. DDI System’s Inform ERP software provides a highly-configurable, industry-specific solution for wholesale distributors seeking operational benefits in accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing and pricing.  In addition, Inform ERP harnesses the power of innovative sales driving tools such as real-time eCommerce, embedded CRM, and on-the-go mobility to help distributors compete in today’s environment.

Topics: Company News
1 min read

DDI System Joins Industrial Distributor Co-Op (IDCO); Provides Members with End-to-End Industry Specific ERP Solution

By Kate Fucci on 1/29/18 11:02 AM

DDI System is excited to announce its partnership with the Industrial Distributor Co-Op (IDCO) as the ERP software supplier of choice for IDCO members. DDI System joins a powerful member list of industrial distributors with a common goal of combining purchasing power to affect profitable growth by sharing innovative marketing, technology, education, and industry information.

DDI System’s Inform ERP software is an award-winning, industry-specific solution for wholesale industrial, rubber and hose distributors. Inform combines everyday operational benefits in accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing and pricing with the latest sales driving tools such as, real-time eCommerce, embedded CRM, mobile apps and more.

Topics: DDI System Partners Company News Press Release
1 min read

DDI System Unveils New Website

By Kate Fucci on 12/5/17 3:20 PM

DDI System announces the launch of its newly revamped website, www.ddisystem.com, as of November 2017. The website offers an in-depth overview of DDI System’s Inform ERP software along with industry specific features, authentic client testimonials and robust partner integrations.

Topics: Company News Press Release
2 min read

DDI System’s eCommerce Innovation Gives Distributors the Tools They Need to Customize Storefronts

By Kate Fucci on 9/15/17 9:55 AM

DDI System, a leader in the ERP software technology space, unveiled several new eCommerce tools and features proving its dedication to delivering a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for wholesale distributors.

DDI System’s Inform eCommerce solution is an affordable, real-time storefront that uses real customer product, pricing and contact specific information from Inform ERP to populate online stores. This real-time information gives distributors up to the minute pricing, product availability and order history without double order entry.

Topics: eCommerce Company News
2 min read

Emerging Trends in Technology, Innovation and Design Drive DDI System's Brand Evolution

By Kate Fucci on 9/8/17 1:22 PM

DDI System, an ERP software leader, is proud to unveil the company's new corporate brand and logo. The rebranding reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future.

Topics: Company News Press Release
3 min read

DDI System Elevates Customer Connectivity with Inform Engage

By Kate Fucci on 7/14/17 1:44 PM

DDI System, a leader in market-specific distribution ERP technology, has qualified as a finalist in the 2017 ISSA Innovation Award program with Inform Engage. Inform Engage is a subset of connectivity tools within Inform ERP Software designed to keep customers at the forefront of every interaction and help distributors seize every customer connection opportunity.

Topics: Company News Press Release
2 min read

DDI System Acquires General Data Systems (GDS), Expanding Leadership in Market-Specific ERP for Wholesale Distribution

By Kate Fucci on 6/28/17 9:41 AM

DDI System, a leader in market-specific distribution ERP technology, announces its acquisition of General Data Systems of St Louis, MO.

Topics: Company News Press Release
2 min read

Redefining Customer Experience with an Integrated ERP

By Kate Fucci on 6/1/17 2:07 PM

As distributors know, staying top-of-mind with your customers is critically important for customer retention and for generating necessary word-of-mouth recommendations. Your customers play a much needed role in advocating your message, strength and loyalty. As a result, we are seeing a trend in newly created Customer Experience (CX) teams to help deliver guided client journeys managed with the thoughtful experience they deserve.  Growing popularity in account-based marketing efforts and "white-glove" service is the new expectation, setting wholesale distributors apart from digital disruptions and competitors alike.

The challenge is for distributors to tap into their ERP systems and harness the customer insight they could have available.  This "all-access" look at buying habits, profiles and customer trends shapes conversations that drive customer engagement. The beauty of this combination in an ERP software is that each and every person using the system is just as knowledgeable as the other -- turning purchase managers into inventory control experts and service staff into customer engagement specialists.  

A well-integrated CRM allows distributors to be experts on their customers in a variety of ways:

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors
2 min read

Inform Connects 2017 Spotlights Customer Engagement, eCommerce Disruption and Taking Inform ERP Software to the Next Level.

By Kate Fucci on 5/22/17 11:37 AM

Inform Connects brought together 250 Inform ERP system users for 2 days of intensive training on system capabilities, new features and thought provoking strategies facing the modern distributor. This year’s conference leveraged well-known industry thought leaders Steve Epner and Dirk Beveridge. Dirk brought energy to the crowd as he discussed innovation and building a new, relevant customer experience — something DDI System leverages as part of their mantra every single day. “What customers crave—and what few companies provide—are well designed experiences and complete solutions to their problems,” said Beveridge.

One core topic of conversation throughout the competition was around eCommerce and DDI’s ability to serve the meet customer needs 24/7. The eCommerce session (“Creating a Symphonic Customer Experience with eCommerce”) brought some of the largest audience attendance and excitement. DDI continues to enhance their all-in-one ERP solution and drive interest in eCommerce for the modern distributor. “Inform Connects was an opportunity for our users to see the full breadth of their ERP system, including elements they are not currently using and companion products that can further drive growth.

Topics: Inform Connects eCommerce Roadmap Customer Engagement Disruption CRM
1 min read

DDI System’s 2017 User Conference Kicks Off

By Kate Fucci on 5/8/17 9:25 AM

Gathering from all corners of North America, Inform ERP users have come together in Nashville, TN for a two-day immersion into Inform software. The Inform Connects 2017 User Conference is jam-packed with well-known industry speakers, the most knowledgeable software gurus, and innovative leaders.

Topics: Inform Connects
2 min read

Tech Today: Sales Force Mobility Isn't Just About Providing a Device

By Kate Fucci on 2/2/17 10:29 AM

What does it mean to have a mobile sales team?  It’s a question that gets a variety of answers depending on who you ask.  Ask a sales person and they’ll likely tell you that to be truly mobile, they need access to the same information they would have in the office at any point in time, no matter where they are.  Ask a business owner, and they’ll say their teams have smartphones and maybe even a VPN. But the reality is, those two things are very, very different and have a tremendous impact on field productivity and the success of that salesperson. 

Salespeople and distributors with the right information, at the right time, provide better service than their competitors.  As a result, they build stronger, more loyal relationships that resist simple price competition. 60% of high performing sales teams use a mobile sales app today, enabling these salespeople to double their sales performance. Mobility allows your sales team to be much more productive, serve customers with immediacy and authority, and streamline communication with the home office – resulting in more time with customers and closing more sales. Sales reps without access to critical information—like the kind baked into an embedded CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for example—end up having to update opportunity data when they’re back in an office environment, thus increasing the administrative burden and reducing selling time.

Topics: Tech Today
2 min read

Tech Today: Directly Connecting Your ERP and eCommerce Just Makes Sense

By Kate Fucci on 1/5/17 12:40 PM

Upload the inventory. Update the pricing. Double check product availability. For some business owners, these are daily tasks that are done nightly to be successful.

But for clients, it’s the immediate access to this information that is most critical. Not having it readily accessible is no longer an option. Your customers expect to see every order past and present, every invoice, and their complete product history with up-to-the-minute accuracy.  The experiences they have outside their business interactions frames the way they expect to engage with their suppliers.

Topics: Tech Today
2 min read

6 Tools Accountants Need in an ERP

By Kate Fucci on 10/5/16 2:30 PM

When looking to upgrade to an ERP system, make sure to keep your accounting needs in mind. There are tools that ERP software can offer that can help you (or your in-house accountant) to keep the numbers in order and prevent any costly or time-consuming problems.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors

Johnstone Supply - Alexandria, VA: Now Using Inform ERP Software

By Kate Fucci on 9/27/16 9:00 AM

We are excited to welcome Johnstone Supply in Alexandria, VA, to the DDI System family of users. This progressive Johnstone Supply store is looking forward to an increase in growth and productivity based on streamlined and effective workflows, reduced overhead costs and improved profitability.

Learn more about Inform ERP for HVAC distributors »

Topics: Inform Users
1 min read

Advantages of Choosing an ERP Software Designed for Your Industry

By Kate Fucci on 9/22/16 1:30 PM

When researching new software to manage your wholesale distribution business, first identify your current and future needs - taking into consideration industry-specific workflows, the constant evolution of technology, upfront and ongoing costs, and if the solution will help you to grow and support that growth.

New Bedford Plumbing & Heating Supply Goes Live with Inform ERP Software

By Kate Fucci on 9/12/16 11:00 AM

Congratulations to New Bedford Plumbing & Heating Supply in MA. Their team has effectively integrated Inform ERP as their distribution software into their everyday operations.

Topics: Inform Users
2 min read

Top 5 Common Warehouse Problems - See How ERP Can Solve Them

By Kate Fucci on 9/7/16 9:30 AM

No matter your industry, dealing with warehouse problems can be a bottleneck to operations. In this article we'll go over 5 of the most common warehouse problems distributors face and how utilizing a comprehensive ERP system will make warehouse processes easier.

Topics: Tips & Tricks for Distributors

Another Johnstone Supply Chooses Inform

By Adam Waller on 8/30/16 10:30 AM

Recently, Johnstone Supply in Chicopee, Mass. officially went live with DDI System's Inform ERP software! This Johnstone location decided to transition from General Data Systems ProfitTool to gain industry specific features and create their fully integrated e-commerce storefront.

We welcome their team to the DDI family of Inform users and look forward to a long partnership!

Learn more about Inform ERP for HVAC distributors »

Topics: Inform Users
1 min read

Get Started on Your E-commerce Site to Prepare for the Future: M-commerce

By Kate Fucci on 8/24/16 9:30 AM

Distributors need to prepare themselves for the upcoming demand for m-commerce! Having an integrated e-commerce site in place now established your e-commerce workflow and solidifies your customer's online account access.

What is M-commerce? Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is a growing evolution optimizing e-commerce websites, sales apps and similar tools for mobile devices.

Topics: eCommerce

A P Plumbing Supply Goes Live on DDI System's Inform Distribution Software

By Kate Fucci on 8/18/16 10:30 AM

DDI System announces the successful transition of A P Plumbing Supply onto their Inform ERP software solution.

Topics: Inform Users
2 min read

WOW - What a Great Trade Show Season!

By Kate Fucci on 8/11/16 9:30 AM

Can't believe it's already August and most of the years trade shows have come and gone. We can't wait for the rest this fall and winter! Here's a quick recap of what DDI System has done to date in 2016:

Topics: DDI System Partners Meet DDI

"I would definitely recommend Inform ERP"

By Kate Fucci on 7/26/16 11:00 AM


"DDI System Has The Most Professional Staff I've Dealt With"

By Kate Fucci on 6/30/16 11:00 AM

"Inform ERP is a great software program."

By Kate Fucci on 6/24/16 9:00 AM


"DDI keeps us on the cutting edge"

By Kate Fucci on 6/22/16 1:20 PM

"I Would Definitely Recommend DDI System to Other Distributors!"

By Kate Fucci on 6/16/16 9:30 AM

"Inform is Easy to Train and to Support."

By Kate Fucci on 6/14/16 2:30 PM


Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc. Chooses DDI System’s Inform ERP to Power Operations

By Kate Fucci on 6/9/16 9:30 AM

Yandle-Witherspoon is a leading supplier of HVAC parts and equipment to residential and commercial customers. Started in 1960, this Blue Hawk member boasts 11 locations servicing North and South Carolina.

Topics: Inform Users

Inform ERP Review: "Things Are Going Well!"

By Kate Fucci on 6/7/16 12:00 PM

2 min read

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Inform ERP

By Kate Fucci on 6/6/16 11:00 AM

There are many reasons why wholesale distributors are choosing DDI System's Inform ERP Software. Here are a few of the top reasons distributors are making the switch:
  1. Implementation. Doing the actual switch to an ERP system – or a new one, if you’re changing systems – can be a frightening final step. However, DDI System’s staff has years of experience switching from many different setups. DDI has successfully converted companies from Eclipse, P21, UBS, Distribution One, IST, Step 1, StanPak, Infor, Sage, QuickBooks, custom systems and more. We’ll train you and your staff properly and make sure everything goes smoothly – and support will be there for you afterwards.

  2. Productivity-boosting features. If you’re currently one of the many distributors using QuickBooks or Excel spreadsheets to manage your inventory and accounting, you’re missing out on other key features available through Inform that can increase your productivity levels. From wireless warehouse management systems, to mobile sales apps, shipping solutions, cloud services, analytics, and electronic proof of delivery, Inform’s features have you covered.

  3. Tailored to your industry. We understand not all distributors are the same. Some features work better for the HVAC industry than paper and packaging. We’ll work with you to find the best arrangement for your ERP software and the best combination of features to improve productivity, streamline workflows and more, and we’ll also train your staff on-site in how to use Inform and its features.

  4. User support. To put it bluntly, DDI System does not offshore its customer service. With offices on two coasts – New Jersey and Connecticut, as well as in Portland, Oregon – phone-based user support services are available eastern through pacific time to answer your question and submit your cases to be responded to quickly and appropriately. Customer service reps work in the same offices as developers, meaning customer service rep training is done in-person, the people who know the software best are within easy reach for any service rep, and problems can be resolved quickly and easily. Additionally, DDI offers an extensive, information-heavy and regularly updated online client portal with forums, FAQ, training videos, news and updates, and more.

  5. Intuitive. How many people do you know that are well-versed in linux or DOS? Ok, what about Windows? We’re guessing you answered more for the latter – which Inform ERP is based off of. With a windows-based interface, Inform is easy to train, easy to teach, and easy to learn. No matter what role your employees have, from cashier sales to warehouse manager, Inform isn’t too much further from user interfaces they’re already familiar with – making your life easier.
1 min read

"Inventory is far better. Now I know what's on my shelf!"

By Kate Fucci on 6/2/16 1:00 PM

“DDI System's Inform ERP Software has in-depth tools and streamlined processes have provided us with many benefits including transparent inventory, and comprehensive customer service," says Don Rathe, President of Rathe Associates

"Our inventory is far better than before. Now I know what’s on my shelf! Previously, my team would need to physically walk out to the warehouse to verify if we had stock on hand. Inform has eliminated this need and made it easy to simply look up our inventory availability."

Topics: Inform Users

Inform ERP Software Comes Highly Recommended

By Kate Fucci on 6/1/16 12:00 PM

Distributors Speak Out

By Kate Fucci on 5/26/16 10:30 AM

10 Signs Your Distribution Business is Ready to Upgrade from QuickBooks

By Kate Fucci on 5/25/16 9:30 AM

Outgrown QuickBooks?Download the New Whitepaper: Is it time for your distribution business to upgrade from QuickBooks to a comprehensive ERP solution?

Topics: Whitepapers
1 min read

APAC Paper & Packaging Corp. Selected DDI’s Inform ERP Software to Run Their Distribution Operations

By Kate Fucci on 5/24/16 1:30 PM

APAC Paper & Packaging Corporation has supplied the greater Detroit market for over 25 years. With over 300,000 feet of warehouse space and 20 delivery trucks, APAC is a significant market presence in the busy southern Michigan region.

With a robust sales force of more than 30 inside and outside field sales professionals. APAC was using WDS-II, a legacy system from Infor, and realized they needed to better streamline their entire operations and upgrade to a distribution management solution that would allow them to take advantage of today's technology advances.

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Congratulations to Top 40 Under 40

By Kate Fucci on 5/19/16 3:00 PM

DDI System would like to offer its sincere congratulations to the individuals featured in HARDI's Top 40 Under 40 list.  

The top 40 list includes a range of men and women from their early 20s to late 30s - all of which have shown hard work ethic, commitment to the business, and generally excelling at their field. Whether in sales, management, marketing or technology. These rising stars of the HVACR industry are making the future brighter!

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Sikes Paper Company Integrates Operations

By Kate Fucci on 5/18/16 1:00 PM

The multi-dimensional features of DDI System’s Inform software enable Sikes Paper Company to seamlessly integrate their total operations. This integration of multiple branches, delivery trucks, plus mobile and in-house order placement has sped up operations and delivered significant benefits company wide.

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Inform ERP Review: It's everything!

By Kate Fucci on 5/17/16 3:30 PM

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Staying Current on ERP Software Upgrades Leads to Best In Class Businesses

By Kate Fucci on 5/16/16 1:00 PM

We were intrigued by an Aberdeen Group study we recendly came across on the topic of ERP flexibility and the idea of upgrading current software versus buying into a new system and/or provider.

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Allegheny Tool and Supply Chooses Inform

By Adam Waller on 5/11/16 3:30 PM

Allegheny Tool and Supply had outgrown their Sage Peachtree system and was looking for a comprehensive solution that ran their inventory and accounting but also brought them up to speed with CRM, e-commerce and mobile sales. They also needed to streamline their UPS shipments and wanted a proof-of-delivery solution. DDI System's Inform ERP Software was the best solution for this industrial supplier!

With DDI's Inform, this growing distributor instantly met their main goals:

  • A streamlined UPS integration for ease of deliveries
  • Electronic signature capture that automatically populates a proof-of-delivery box on all invoices.
  • Readily available for advanced customer relationship managment including client and prospect information.
  • Inform eCommerce to generate an online storefront through Inform ERP without duplicate work! Inform eCommerce will wow their customers with a customer-specific portal to review all of their account information and present their customer-specific pricing instantly.
  • Inform's MobiOrder is allowing their sales team to link to Inform anywhere and with any device.

DDI System is happy to have Allegheny Tool and Supply join the list of industrial distributors choosing Inform ERP to run their complete operations with ease. 

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Be the Future of Warehouse Processes with Data Managing ERP Software

By Kate Fucci on 5/10/16 12:30 PM

A theme that continues to repeat in distribution and supply magazines refers to the need for distributors to embrace technology to simplify warehouse and business processes. The costs of not taking advantage of the capabilities available now and in the future are starting to add up.  If competitors are taking advantage of increased productivity, reduced process costs, improved control and better accuracy alongside real-time data, a distributor without an ERP system can be left behind before they realize it.

In Industrial Supply Magazine’s most recent issue, Howard Coleman emphasizes this need with his article, ‘The Future of DCs and Warehouses’. “Time after time, we see the need for better enterprise software and analytics utilization to support warehouse management.” states Coleman. "Fortunately, it’s not too late for wholesalers without an ERP system to begin the process of switching to an ERP.

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Inform ERP Implemented for Smith Electric Distributors

By Adam Waller on 5/5/16 10:00 AM

Smith Electric Distributors have joined the growing list of distribution companies choosing DDI System's Inform ERP solution. 

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Distributors Can Thrive by Changing their Inventory Game & Serving Customers Better

By Kate Fucci on 5/4/16 1:59 PM

If your demand management process isn’t helping you boost inventory turns and operational efficiency, you’re wasting a significant opportunity.

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DDI System Featured in Wholesale & Distribution International Magazine

By Kate Fucci on 5/3/16 12:02 PM

DDI System doesn’t approach ERP software from an abstract perspective – it was founded with a strong understanding of the day-to-day ins and outs of the distribution world. That understanding is key to the success of the company’s Inform ERP platform. President Adam Waller is the source of much of that understanding, having learned distribution while working for his grandfather’s distribution company, which continues to serve the plumbing and HVAC market to this day.

Waller started writing software for the company in the 1980s, and in 1994 he founded DDI System to provide distributors with effective ERP software solutions. 

Today, DDI System’s Inform ERP distribution software platform is used by more than 750 distributors in markets such as electrical and lighting, PHCP and HVAC, jansan, paper and packaging, and industrial and safety products. In 2014, DDI System acquired the software division of leading HVAC distributor and customer Johnstone Supply, which gave DDI System the capability to enhance its Inform ERP platform to become more sophisticated and capable of serving larger, multi-location HVAC distributors. 

Read the rest of the feature article on WDI's Website »

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Shaw Supply's Experience with Inform ERP

By Kate Fucci on 5/2/16 2:30 PM

In a recent interview, Patrick Shaw of Shaw Supply was happy to share his experience with DDI System's Inform ERP:

Inform ERP has allowed us to capture significant cost savings by streamlining our basic paperwork flow and eliminating the need to buy and stock preprinted forms. Our customers receive their invoices and statements via either fax or email, recognizing cost savings in decreased postage and reduced time spent processing.

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N & N Supply Company Goes Live with Inform ERP Software

By Adam Waller on 4/26/16 1:00 PM

DDI System is happy to announce that N & N Supply Company has implemented Inform ERP. N & N has been supplying wholesale plumbing, heating and air conditioning to Northeast Philadelphia and the greater Delaware Valley for over 60 years.

They join over 55 Equity Plumbing members already using DDI's Inform across the nation. Switching from Whole Solutions, N & N Supply will benefit with electronic proof of delivery signature capture, electronic document scanning, advanced demand forecasting, improved accounting, and outstanding business performance analytics.

We look forward to working wiht N & N Supply as they continue to gain a competitive advantage and grow wtih DDI's Inform ERP - exclusively for distributors. 

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"Inform ERP Software Is Very Intuitive"

By Kate Fucci on 4/25/16 3:00 PM

Southern Valve and Fitting USA, Inc. Chooses DDI System's Inform ERP Software for Distributors

By Adam Waller on 4/21/16 10:30 AM

We're proud to announce that DDI System’s Inform ERP Software has been successfully implemented at Southern Valve and Fitting USA, Inc in Florida. Since 1995, Southern Valve has been a distribution company in the plumbing and hydronic heating supply industry.

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ERP Software With a Human Touch

By Kate Fucci on 4/19/16 12:00 PM

Realize higher productivity and profitability with streamlined workflows, easy-to-use screens, vendor managed inventory, mobile capabilities and single-system ecommerce.

Rathe Associates uses DDI’s Inform ERP software to achieve unmatched inventory accuracy and ongoing distribution success. “I was very impressed at how seamless the transition turned out to be! The intuitive nature of Inform created a simple switch with a short learning curve,” says Don Rathe, President of Rathe Associates.  

Congratulations to Michigan Pipe and Valve on Inform ERP Launch

By Adam Waller on 4/14/16 11:30 AM

We welcome our latest member to the DDI family, Michigan Pipe and Valve - Jackson, on their recent successful implementation of Inform ERP software. Michigan Pipe and Valve - Jackson will be improving their productivity with electronic proof of delivery allowing their delivery trucks to capture signatures on-the-go that are automatically populated onto their invoices! Paperless document scanning will assist in a more paper and file free environment saving time and costs.  

DDI System looks forward to assisting Michigan Pipe and Valve - Jackson in their future growth.

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"The transition to DDI's Inform was flawless"

By Kate Fucci on 4/12/16 11:00 AM

Michael Hanan of Jacobs Paper Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee describes their transition experience and why he recommends DDI's Inform ERP.

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DDI System's Trade Show Recap: Distributors Are Excited About the Latest Technology for Mobile Sales and Customer Management

By Kate Fucci on 4/8/16 10:30 AM

At DDI System, we've been busy - on the road attending wholesale distribution trade shows across the country. It has been outstanding to speak with so many progressive distributors, Inform ERP software users, strategic partners and more. While demonstrating DDI's Inform ERP distribution software, we have learned which innovative technologies your fellow distributors are incorporating into their supply house operations!

New Innovative ERP Technology Exciting Wholesale Distributors:

  • Advanced demand forecasting methods for lean operations
  • Better connecting to customers through CRM 
  • Increasing online sales through eCommerce and connections to leading online selling channels 
  • Mobile access for quoting, sales order placement, inventory and customer account lookup
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Examining Qualities of Modern Distributors

By Kate Fucci on 3/30/16 11:39 AM

What sets modern distributors apart from traditional ones? It comes down to five qualities - Growth, insight, efficiency, responsiveness, and collaboration – and the adaptation to modern technology, according to Dominic Telaro, the author of Industrial Supply magazine’s article, “Are You A Modern Distributor?”. Distributors face many challenges, from eliminating constraints that prevent growth and insight, to being able to be responsive and collaborate with partners. How do these qualities make distributors modern? In a sense, it boils down to technology: distributors that use the right technology can effectively handle these problems with the right tools.

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Analyzing the Benefits of 2015's Most Important Warehouse Trends

By Adam Waller on 3/23/16 2:14 PM

In Industrial Distribution magazine’s article, “The Top 5 Warehouse Management Trends Of 2015”, Denny Hammack, President of Patterson Pope, analyzes the most important trends impacting warehouse management last year.  These trends included product recall handling and employee safety procedures, third party logistics, mobility for order placement and fulfillment, warehouse management for multi-channel operations, and automation improvements.

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Businesses Increasing Profitability by 67% with Demand Forecasting

By Kate Fucci on 3/15/16 11:08 AM

Organizations with business analytics and ERP are 123%  more likely to be able to plan for and forecast inventory needs and trends, according to a recent Aberdeen Group report. Using those analytics and ERP tools for inventory demand forecasting has allowed wholesale distributors to see improvements in profitability, sometimes up to 67% within a couple years. 

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DDI System Refines the Art of Cycle Counting and Adds 20 Decision ­Driving Dashboards

By Adam Waller on 3/10/16 1:22 PM

DDI System, a leading ERP software provider for wholesale distributors, released Inform ERP version 21.0.15, with significant new features for Wholesale Distributors.

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The Importance of Tools for Analyzing Inventory Management

By Kate Fucci on 3/9/16 10:00 AM

Renewing perspectives on inventory management is the focus of WDI Magazine’s article “Going Back To Basics” by Howard Coleman.  Inventory professionals are encouraged to take the time to utilize demand forecasting and planning, review stocking strategies, and analyze metrics.

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Maintaining Efficiency With Modern Technology

By Adam Waller on 3/1/16 10:30 AM

Brooke Baum, in Modern Distribution Management's article "Recommended Reading: 3 Keys to a More Successful Supply Chain", offers three insightful tips suppliers can use to succeed.

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Realize Success With ERP Software Instead Of Outdated Spreadsheets

By Kate Fucci on 2/22/16 11:05 AM

Industrial Distribution Magazine’s article, “Poll: Majority Of Manufacturers Rely On Spreadsheets Instead Of ERP”, touches on important information about distributors today. Despite the development of ERP software that can integrate and simplify distribution processes, many distributors still continue to use simple spreadsheets, according to a 2015 Manufacturing Survey by Sikich LLP.

ERP Implementation Advice

By Kate Fucci on 1/26/16 11:38 AM

Looking for good advice on ERP implementations? "ERP: Lessons from the Field" by Chris Schmidt, Director at CFO Research, highlights topics to consider.

DDI System delivers more than award winning ERP software (Inform ERP), we deliver the industry experts that help your company from beginning to succeeding.

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A Plumbing Supply Leader Partnered with DDI System for Ongoing Growth & Success

By Kate Fucci on 1/21/16 12:34 PM

"Finding the Future: BENDER, DDI, and a Quiet Evolution" - this feature article in the latest edition of The Wholesaler magazine features long time DDI System customer Bender Plumbing and their road map for success.

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Don't Let 'Inventory Vampires' Suck Profit From Your Business

By Kate Fucci on 1/13/16 10:00 AM

Danah Head, a member of The Distribution Team, discusses the need for comprehensive inventory management and demand forecasting in a recent edition of Industrial Supply Magazine. Danah states that without these tools, distributors should "Beware the Inventory Vampires".

Gain Profits and Prevent Income Loss with eCommerce Sites

By Adam Waller on 12/30/15 1:27 PM

Industrial Distribution magazine's latest article discusses the need for distributors to utilize strong tools to succeed in an online sales world.  Understanding profit margins and sales can make or break an online storefront. 

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DDI System's Inform ERP Software Interface "Absolutely Perfect"

By Kate Fucci on 12/15/15 3:00 PM

RHIRHI Supply Chose DDI's Inform ERP Software for its Helpful Counter System Functionality

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Inform ERP Distribution Software 'Does it All'

By Kate Fucci on 12/9/15 10:13 AM

Contractors and industrial supply testimonial

DDI System's Inform Software "Does It All" for this Industrial Business

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BLUE HAWK Member Choosing DDI System's Inform ERP Software to Power their Distribution Businesses

By Kate Fucci on 12/3/15 11:00 AM

DDI is proud to welcome Fenco Supply and Howland Pump & Supply to our family of Inform ERP users. These successful BLUE HAWK members have joined over 30 of their fellow members already benefiting with Inform's leading distribution technology.

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DDI's User Conference a Huge Success

By Kate Fucci on 11/30/15 10:30 AM

Inform connects group panel

In November of 2015 DDI System's Inform ERP software users came together in Dallas, TX for 'Inform Connects 2015', DDI's user conference. 

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Industrial Supply Says Distributors Must Have an E-Commerce Site

By Kate Fucci on 11/24/15 10:00 AM

Industrial Supply Magazine recently published an article titled "Why Distributors Must Have an E-Commerce Site". In this article, Dean Mueller and Jonathan Bein talk about how sites such as Amazon.com have elevated customer expectations of online transactions. The way we buy as "home" consumers also carries over into our "work" purchases in a B2B world.

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Congratulations to Inform Users - Newly Elected to Triple S Board of Directors

By Kate Fucci on 11/17/15 3:00 PM

DDI System would like to congratulate the Inform ERP sofware users named to the Triple S Board of Directors.

These distributors are staying ahead of the competition with today's latest technology, making a positive impact within their organizations, and now sharing their experience with their fellow buying group members!

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DDI System’s Inform ERP Helping Distributors to Build the Perfect Purchase Order

By Kate Fucci on 11/11/15 3:27 PM

DDI System, a leading ERP solution provider for wholesale distributors, has released the latest version of their Inform ERP Software, Version 14.

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Wholesale Distributors are Succeeding Online, Is Your Business Ready?

By Adam Waller on 11/4/15 10:19 AM

Online inventoryA recent article in Contractor Supply Magazine talks about the need for distributors to have a managed and accurate inventory within their operations in order to succeed with an online storefront.

E-commerce can be daunting if your operations are not already utilizing leading technology to run daily operations. DDI's Inform ERP software is a comprehensive solution that manages your inventory and purchasing, accounting, performance analytics, and so much more.

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DDI System's Inform ERP User Conference is About to Begin

By Kate Fucci on 10/29/15 12:30 PM

DDI System's Inform Connects 2015, their Inform software user conference, begins on November 2, 2015. This two day event taking place at the Grand Hyatt DFW in Dallas, TX is packed with system training sessions, networking opportunities, round table discussions and much more.

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Maintain Vendor Managed Inventory... with your iPhone

By Adam Waller on 10/21/15 1:30 PM

DDI Sytem introduces QuickOrder, the easiest way to maintain Vendor Managed Inventory with your iOS device.

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Building the Perfect Purchase Order

By Adam Waller on 10/8/15 10:07 AM

DDI System introduces Inform Version 14, which includes our Advanced Demand Management and Purchasing Suite, this October.

The free upgrade is one of the most significant improvements added to Inform ERP.  Advanced Demand Management focuses on identifying exceptions and precisely forecasting product demand. More turns, less overstock & better managed branch inventory delivers improved cash flow & year-over-year profit gains.

According to Jon Schreibfeder, President of Effective Inventory Management, Inc., "DDI has successfully implemented much of our research and up-to-date 'best practices' ideas in their software."

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Industrial Distributors are Focusing on the Future

By Kate Fucci on 9/30/15 11:43 AM

Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier, editor of Modern Distribution Management, published an article in Industrial Supply Magazine speaking to the latest trends driving growth among industrial distributors. In it she discusses the top trends MDM is tracking this year:

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Electrical Wholesaling Magazine Speaks Out

By Kate Fucci on 9/24/15 3:29 PM

Today's best-in-class distributors have recognized the changing market and are proactively investing to control their future.

In a recent article by Dominic Telaro, top distributors are no longer using ERP systems for basic operations but pulling the information to make wiser business decisions. Mr. Telaro highlights the top 5 needs facing distributors today:

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Connected Businesses Are Achieving Higher Success

By Kate Fucci on 9/17/15 2:41 PM

Today’s business environment calls for distributors to operate with new agility. Wholesale distributors need a robust ERP that keeps pace with the mobile and eCommerce evolution. Inform ERP is that solution; industry-aware software for high performance operations, with connection to cloud based sales channels.

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CIO Review Rates DDI System In Top 20 ERP Software Solutions For 2015

By Adam Waller on 8/19/15 11:46 AM

CIOReview.com has ranked DDI System's Inform ERP in the top 20 ERP software choices for 2015.

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