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6 Features JanSan Distributors Should Look for in an eCommerce Solution

10/15/19 10:17 AM

For many JanSan distributors, evaluating eCommerce software solutions can feel a tad overwhelming. You know what you want — a robust solution that allows you to compete online and provides an exceptional customer experience, but what do you really need?

If you’re looking to implement a new eCommerce solution, we’re here to help. We’ve spoken with hundreds of JanSan distributors and developed the following list of features that matter most in their business:

1. Compatibility

In this business, reputation and relationships mean everything. That’s why distributors want a solution people know and trust, but also one that is compatible with their own business systems.

DDI System’s Inform eCommerce Pro is built on Magento Open Source, one of the most widely deployed eCommerce platforms available. Named the leader in eCommerce for the past three years, Magento provides seamless third-party integrations along with a variety of other features.

2. Flexibility

The more online content you can make available, the better your customers’ experience. That’s why flexibility is so important when it comes to eCommerce—distributors want a solution that allows them to define the appearance of their online store, along with the ability to add information and literature as it becomes available.

Inform eCommerce Pro enables users to define and populate an indefinite number of fields. This means that any sales resources such as multiple product images, part product descriptions, manufacturer PDFS, CAD drawings can be made available to the customer. This makes sure they have the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

3. Easy to Use

Distributors don’t have time to call tech support every time they need to make adjustments to the website, so look for a solution that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Inform eCommerce Pro provides out-of-the-box features, along with an unlimited ability to customize and create. With easy drag and drop templates, you can develop the look and feel that best represents your business. This includes highlighting sale products, best selling items or any seasonal products you might want to feature.

4. All of your business data in one place

Distributors want a system that centralizes all of their business data, so that pricing, images and descriptions are consistent across the business—from sales quotes to packing slips.

Inform eCommerce Pro uses a robust Product Information Manager (PIM) that stores and organizes your product content for delivery to your web store and throughout your business.

5. Integration with your business operations

Have you ever ordered something online only to find out later that it’s out of stock? To eliminate frustrations like these, distributors want a solution that connects to their ERP solution.

DDI System’s Inform ERP Software powers eCommerce Pro. This means your customers can connect with real-time data, including customer-specific pricing, order history, stock levels and more.

6. Support when you need it

Distributors want service and support, but they don’t want to be beholden to someone to make simple changes to their storefronts, like highlighting a sale product.

DDI is widely recognized for its extensive support team. Our eCommerce specialists can help you quickly get your web store up and running, providing where you need it. Whether its installation, data imports, product training or customizing the appearance and look of your online store, we’re here to help.

Interested in learning more? Contact DDI today for a live demonstration of DDI System's newest functionality built exclusively for distributors. Your personalized demo will showcase new tools that every showroom distributor needs to compete in today's marketplace. 

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Kate Fucci

Written by Kate Fucci