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- Case Study -

Milhench Supply

Customer Focused and Growing


Industry: Janitorial & Sanitation

Solutions Highlighted: Wireless Warehouse, eCommerce, Accounting, Rebate Management


In 1932, Russell, Milhench & Harrison Co., a distributor of production supplies to the textile industry, opened its doors in New Bedford, MA. Through the years this company has gone through several business and location changes to become today’s Milhench Supply Company. Now a third generation, two location, certified women owned business (WBE), Milhench Supply still remains true to its roots in putting the customer first.

Today, Milhench Supply powers their entire business with DDI System’s Inform ERP Software. They believe that their strong competitive edge comes from the complete use of Inform ERP’s functionality. From embedded CRM for easy accessibility of customer information, advanced inventory management and strong financial reporting, each area of operation is in sync with the other. “The trick was to adopt the complete system. Maximizing our usage to give us the best processing and efficiency outcomes” says Milhench’s operations manager, Bob Pontes.

Increased Productivity & Accuracy in the Warehouse

Over two years ago, Milhench began using Inform’s RF WMS tools for their busy warehouse. “When installing WMS we were able to prep before go-live. We set up the system and tested it to ensure accuracy. Once we had everything set up, we made the switch. It was easy! We had DDI’s team onsite for two days and within a week we were back to normal hours and fully functioning,” says Carlos Alexandre, IT Manager. “As with all warehouses, we do have some turnover but within 1-2 days, new hires are picking on their own. The ease of use and simplicity of DDI’s Inform software has made it very straightforward and quick to learn the system with minimal training.” Inform’s WMS system has saved time with the tracking of overflow products to avoid hunting down misplaced inventory. Productivity is also up without the need for a full time person to manually double check all of the orders.

“Keeping the personal touch and building relationships is part of who we are. Providing multiple ways to place orders, maintaining efficiencies, and streamlining multiple location operations is how we compete.”

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