Diving Deep Into Your Data:
Leveraging Analytics For Decision Making

Business Operations Series | Issue 5


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Being able to view your business as a whole and take control of your data requires creating a centralized data repository that unifies your business operations. Deep analytics, when used in conjunction with an end-to-end ERP, can drive wholesale distributors to maximize profits through the data insight they are exposed to.

However, many distributors are not analyzing and optimizing their data to achieve a strategic advantage. With the cost of technology relatively low, it’s easier than ever to implement a business focused and customer intelligent platform that makes data easier to understand with actionable insight.

gray-graph-arrow-upWhen you look at deep analytics and unifying teams across the board, you want a system that easily displays actionable insight for all team members. Inform ERP is one such system. Our teams feel empowered with real-time data they can drill down into and find the root cause of any issues and immediately act on. It’s something we can’t put a price tag on,” -AmeriSource Industrial

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