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- DDI Case Study -

KIE Supply

Using ERP Technology to Prepare for Future Growth

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Industry: Lighting & Electrical, PHCP, Irrigation

Solutions Highlighted: Advanced Report Writer, User-friendly Interface, Mobility, Paperless Workflows



For more than 60 years, KIE Supply has been dedicated to helping customers succeed in all of their irrigation, plumbing, electrical, and lighting projects. Their mission to operate under honest business practices and provide what customers need, when they need it, has driven company success since 1955.

When Amelia Kittson, KIE Supply’s Marketing Director & ERP System Transition Lead began a search for a new ERP, DDI System’s Inform ERP Software was recommended by Buying Group members and business contacts. Kittson’s vision of where she wanted KIE to go in the future meant they needed to move away from their home-grown ERP system. In addition, KIE could no longer rely on one person to handle everything to do with their technology. “We were our own support system, we had an internal programmer, and he was doing everything for us, which, as you can imagine, is kind of an unreliable long-term position to put yourself in,” explains Kittson. To begin the search for a new technology partner, Kittson turned to colleagues throughout the industry to see Inform in action

“We were introduced to several similar businesses running on Inform, who gave us a real-life view of how the system operates during on-site visits. Ultimately, we decided that DDI was the right fit for KIE,” says Kittson.

Once Kittson and her team saw the features of the system, she expected it would come with a hefty price tag. “We expected to have to spend millions of dollars and be ‘nickeled and dimed’ for everything. But that was not the case at all with DDI. We got the benefit of a very accessible company that gave us a ‘local’ feel with the industry expertise a business like ours required. We liked that Inform was a universal system and used terminology everyone in our company could understand. We didn’t have to learn a whole new language to run our business,” added Kittson.

"As a business owner, it’s incredibly important to me that anyone can jump in and do a job. Therefore, the tools we use everyday to run our business must be powerful, but also intuitive. We definitely got that with Inform."

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