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- Case Study -

Jansen Ornamental Supply

Tapping Into the Power of Inform to Reach New Customers


Industry: Industrial & Safety

Solutions Highlighted: Inventory Automation, Inform eCommerce, Fully Integrated CRM, Paperless Workflows


Facing heightened competition and a rapidly declining data system, Jansen Ornamental needed a software solution that could tackle their unique operational requirements and take their business to the next level. With advice from other industrial buyers, Jansen sought an ERP that could do more than just run their operations: they needed next generation business tools to make customer connectivity seamless and readily available 24/7. To do so, they turned to DDI System’s Inform ERP which offered a modern-day eCommerce solution coupled with an ERP. Now in 2018, Jansen is capitalizing on its forward-thinking mindset with astounding results from Inform with eCommerce.

"By offering eCommerce, we’re seeing customers doubling and tripling their sales from previous years, and drawing a lot of new customers. Plus, we’re reaching contractors who don’t have access to a supplier like us."

Jansen Ornamental Supply is a local, family owned business, that has served the wrought iron industry for more than 55 years. The founder, Harry Jansen, still came into the office every day until just shortly before passed away in his 80s. His sons, Mike & John Jansen have continued that strong work ethic, and many of their 26 employees have been with the company more than two decades.

Jansen’s full line of products from many of the industry’s top manufacturers serve all of its customers’ ornamental iron and gate automation needs. When Jansen introduced DDI System’s Inform ERP Software to its team of employees, the vast majority of them hadn’t even used a mouse.

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