Growth Through Technology

Jansen Ornamental Supply

Jansen Ornamental Captures New Customers and New Generations with DDI’s Completely Connected, Inform eCommerce Solution

Jansen-Ornamental-Case-StudyJansen Ornamental Supply has served the wrought iron industry for more than 55 years. Jansen’s full line of products from many of the industry’s top manufacturers serve all of its customers’ ornamental iron and gate automation needs. When Jansen’s operations required a transition to DDI System’s Inform ERP software just three years ago, the vast majority of its employees hadn’t even used a mouse.

We were scared,” admitted Purchasing Director Ron Andrade. “We ran on old 386 DOS computers and hadn’t even been using modern computer equipment. But DDI sent their team of expert trainers here and coached our team for about month before we went online.

Not only did Jansen take on a new ERP system, but they also knew that to reach more customers, they needed to explore eCommerce. By using DDI’s solution, Jansen was able to tie their operations together for precise inventory control. In fact. most of the products displayed on Jansen’s website and eCommerce catalog are stocked in inventory and ready to be shipped to customers on the same day of the order. Jansen offers free delivery service to most of Southern and Central California for a small minimum order, while also shipping products worldwide.

Because their eCommerce program is integrated into Inform, whenever an order is placed, the system immediately pulls the product out of inventory. This is significant for buyers because the system puts all the real time data in front of them, along with quarterly comparisons and special notifications for minimums and maximums, a quick view at critical inventory, and generates an immediate email to Andrade if a product gets sold out. All of this helps them make the best possible purchasing decisions.

By offering e-commerce, we’re seeing customers doubling and tripling their sales from previous years,” Andrade commented. “And we’re drawing a lot of new customers — we’re reaching contractors in other areas who don’t have access to a supplier like us. We now ship to customers all over the country, and some even outside the country.”

We’re also seeing customers buying more products with each order; the system prompts them to look at related and complementary products, and we’re getting that add-on business. Customers now have access to pictures, descriptions, manufacturer links, MSDS sheets, installation videos and more. Our online sales year-over-year for the month of January grew 34%, and in February it hit 74%. (2018).