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- Case Study -

Tarheel Paper Company

Advanced sales tools net bottom line results

tarheel trucks

Industry: Janitorial & Sanitation

Solutions Highlighted: MobiOrder, eCommerce, Electronic Signature Capture, Accounting


Top executives from a leading packaging and janitorial supplier in North Carolina are thrilled with the dramatic improvement to their business operations achieved after converting to DDI System’s Inform software. Innovations in sales, customer relationship management (CRM), analytics and more have made a meaningful impact on their overall business and on their bottom line.

Tarheel Paper Co. began as a single location janitorial and packaging distributor. Since 1980, they have grown into a three location industry leader with over 5,000 products in stock and over 165,000 square feet of warehouse space. Previous software solutions proved difficult for their sales driven organization throughout their growth process. Tarheel’s previous system did not support multiple locations and did not provide advanced sales tools in the core application.

When frustration levels hit an all time high for their field sales team, Tarheel Paper went looking for a new solution - choosing DDI’s Inform ERP Software for it’s integration of the latest technology advancements and ongoing development.

Sales Tools That Make a Difference

“The driving force to change was our lack of sales functionality. Inform’s accessibility of information for our outside sales team has been the most significant benefit to our organization” explains Ted Shelton, VP of Operations. “With our previous system, it was all or nothing. I couldn’t give salespeople access to just their customer information and block them from other sales accounts. This forced us to manually run reports for each sales person. Inform has energized our sales team overall. Customer specific information is quickly obtained and pro-active account monitoring avoids any potential surprises.”

I really like the way Inform’s business analytic tools work. Pertinent information such as company sales, inventory levels and more are readily available. Drill down reporting allows me to easily review our overall performance levels and ensure we’re on track."

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