Case Study:
Sikes Paper

    • Industry:Janitorial & Sanitation
    • Solutions Highlighted:Paper and file-free workflows, electronic signature capture

Capturing Significant Cost Savings

In a world of high speed burnishers and fast-acting disinfectants, the JanSan industry values anything that saves time and labor. What holds true on the facility floor is equally true in distributor offices and warehouses. The term "speed to market" originated with software companies and referred to getting new products on market shelves as quickly as possible.

Inform has provided us technology to literally change our speed to market.

Today, we borrow the term to reflect the agility by which distributors are streamlining their daily business activities and servicing their customers. Some distributors have been more successful than others.

For Sikes Paper Company in Atlanta, Ga., its rapid speed to market can be contributed to its implementation of DDI System's Inform software technology. "Our world is all about speed," notes Greg Truitt, vice president and general manager for Sikes Paper Company. "DDI has provided us the technology to literally change our speed to market. That 'Goliath' down the street who is spending millions of dollars, cannot begin to compete with us on our speed and customer responsiveness."

The multi-dimensional features of DDI System's Inform distribution software enables Sikes Paper Company to seamlessly integrate various functions and departments. It delivers speedy solutions for everyone in the company such as the accounts receivable person in the main office, the salesperson working on the road from his car, and the customer service rep in the Dalton branch office.

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