What will your customer do next?

Anticipate Customer Needs with the Power of DDI System’s Customer Intelligent ERP

4-monitor-design-analytics-crm-mobi-quick-contactFor more than 25 years, Inform ERP Software has raised the bar on customer engagement for wholesale distributors. By combining back-end operations with advanced customer connectivity tools, Inform keeps you in front of your customer’s every move, 24/7. 

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Native CRM

Strengthen customer relationships, incite loyalty and provide superior service over your competitors. Inform’s embedded CRM gives your staff the insight to engage with confidence using detailed customer notes, activity assignments, account history and sales trends.


Seamless eCommerce

Drive sales 24/7 with real-time stock levels, pricing, product features and account management. Inform eCommerce digitally connects you with your customers to help you take sales beyond the counter. Advanced B2B and B2C options eliminate double entry and overnight synchronization of products, orders, pricing and inventory.


Empowering Mobility

Service your customers from anywhere at any time. Inform Mobility ensures you deliver the best possible service while your employees work smarter and faster. Sophisticated solutions allow a salesperson to change a customer’s order on the move, driving an unmatched service experience.

We know more about the customers, than the customer knows about themselves. We get into the customer’s mind, and understand ordering habits - allowing us to have the products that they need only clicks away. ”   

- Jorge Salcedo, Too Rise Supplies, New York

A Distributor’s Guide to Planning for the Changing Road Ahead

Distributors are facing enormous pressures to embrace technology and garner tremendous success. In this study, DDI System discusses 5 areas of disruption and provides practical solutions for navigating the road ahead through the power of a completely connected ERP.

This guide will provide you with practical solutions to navigate your path forward.

Navigating the Road through Disruption eBook

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