Combat Online Disruption

Inform’s embedded CRM provides the insight to deliver superior customer service that drives repeat business. Engage with confidence using detailed customer notes, activity assignments & account trends.


Take Sales Beyond the Counter

Drive sales 24/7 with real-time stock levels, pricing, product features and account management. Inform eCommerce offers advanced B2B and B2C options to eliminate double entry and overnight synchronization.

Make Smarter, Faster Decisions

Dive deeper into every aspect of your business for complete operational and financial awareness. User-defined dashboards help improve inventory investments, turns, GMROI and cash flow.


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Customers Say It Best

We know more about the customers, than the customer knows about themselves. We get into the customer’s mind, and understand ordering habits - allowing us to have the products that they need only clicks away. ”   

- Jorge Salcedo, To Rise Supplies, New York

As a small company-- it's given us a much larger footprint. I often say that through all the different channels of the software, DDI's Inform gives us the capability to cast a much larger shadow than we really are as a company -- and that allows us compete with much larger companies.”   

Todd Treacy, Atlantic Paper & Supply


The power of Inform's end to end capabilities

With a focus on best practices and customer engagement, Inform ERP is different—intuitive, collaborative, and market-aware distribution software. 

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