Wholesale Hard Goods

Software Designed to Position Customer Relationships for Growth

Set your business apart from the competition with exceptional customer engagement. DDI System's Inform ERP uses an innovative blend of robust connectivity tools designed to help distributors stay in front of their customers 24/7. Tap into the power of embedded CRM, optimized mobility and flexible eCommerce solutions to serve the new breed of empowered, knowledgeable customers.

  • Nurture relationships to build long-term, happy customers
  • Complete the entire order entry process from one screen
  • Get insight to advanced demand forecasting for seasonal, sporadic and recurring products




A Powerful All-in-One Solution for Wholesale Distributors

  • Real-time eCommerce to compete in the biggest markets
  • Equipment repair and serial number tracking
  • Component kitting and processing
  • Rebate-tracking functionality to ensure optimum compensation
  • Built-in attachments and document imaging create paperless workflows
  • EDI and automated integrations for many buying groups and manufacturers
  • Advanced forecasting for seasonal, sporadic, and recurring products



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