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Inform ERP helps PHCP & PVF supply distributors achieve growth

PHCP and PVF Distributors Choose Inform ERP

DDI System's Inform ERP Software is the leading wholesale distributor software for PHCP & PVF distributors. Our hundreds of plumbing, pipe, valve and fittings distributors collaborate with us to make Inform ERP a powerful and unique solution that keeps these distributors among the most technologically capable and successful in their industry.

Inform ERP is a single-source system that incorporates customer relationship management (CRM), sales and order management, purchasing and inventory management, financial management, strategic pricing, business reporting, performance analysis, e-commerce, and warehouse automation without the need for complex add on's.

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Clients Succeeding with Inform ERP:

Market-Specific Functionality for PHCP & PVF Operations

  • Fast and intuitive operations for busy counter sales
  • Advanced warranty and returned product management
  • Vendor rebate costing and accounting functions
  • Rebate-tracking functionality to ensure optimum compensation
  • Assemblies and disassemblies, kits and kit modifications, light manufacturing
  • Job tracking with quotes, orders, sales, purchases, reporting, tasks, events, and activity history
  • Serial number receiving automation, selling, transferring and lookup
  • EDI plus automated procurement workflows for buying groups, Goodman, American Standard and more

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We never even considered going with a different company other than DDI. We were very pleased with the ongoing product enhancements and service levels we received. We upgraded to provide a more intuitive application for new hires plus continue to take advantage of DDI’s proactive innovations.
I don’t ever see a future where I’ll need to research a new solution as DDI stays on the cutting edge of technology – developing and providing the tools necessary to keep up with the times. We really appreciate the ongoing support DDI’s team provides to us as well – their people are fantastic. As we continue to grow in our business, I know DDI System continues to grow with me.

Troy W. Pumps & Controls, Inc.

DDI has kept us on the cutting edge of technology. Our drivers are using the iPads to ship orders, sign for orders, real-time – it captures the time of the signature, and that’s really helpful when you have customers that may want to dispute a bill or charge and however, John Smith signed it at 5pm when our driver dropped it off, and it makes for just a seamless billing process.
Everybody’s a salesman, that’s how easy it is to use now. If a yard guy is not loading trucks, he becomes a salesman and he works that front counter, eliminating the need to hire somebody specifically for that.

Jeremy R. Michigan Pipe & Valve

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