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Inform ERP Enables Distributors to Elevate Operations

Revolutionary technology to enhance the customer experience

By combining powerful product content with richly formatted quotations, integrated eCommerce and showroom floor technology, Inform helps you deeply engage your customers from the start of their shopping journey through deposit and delivery.

Inform improves wholesale supply purchasing decisions with a fast, intuitive POS process, accurate accounting, and robust financial management. Embedded CRM and deep analytics deliver the insight to align operations with the continuous demands of customers.

  • QuickOrder's sophisticated vendor managed inventory technology allows showroom sales teams to scan, send orders to the sales order, and quickly provide customers with a detailed list of selected items during checkout. The mobile tool also displays inventory minimums, allowing team members in the field to easily see order requirements and place orders directly.
  • Inform's 'Quote-to-Order' functionality makes professional, sleek quotes with associated images and specs in minutes so your customers see exactly what they selected in your showroom.
  • Easy 'Copy and Paste' functionality allows you to import content from any source—including content providers such as Unilog, Schmitt Profitools, and Trade Service—to spreadsheets and formatted PDF documents.
  • Inform eCommerce Pro enables multi-channel ordering and online access to your full catalog, pricing, inventory, order, and quote history
  • Threaded CRM gives users details on every customer for more meaningful customer engagement.
  • Inform ensures your staff and customers are always in the loop with the Order Recap form which summarizes all shipped and open products as well as all payments and deposits. Additionally, special order receipt notifications, room labeling, and warehouse staging notifications keeping the exact location of customer orders fully transparent.
  • Advanced functionality for complex orders, including multiple release dates, multiple deliveries, and split payments, are designed to keep your business flexible while meeting the needs of your customers.

Get a 360° View of Daily Operations

  • Advanced demand management and procurement
  • Multi-dimensional pricing matrix for maximum control over profits
  • Intuitive performance indicators, embedded pivot tables and analysis
  • A fully automated warehouse workflow including order staging and inventory management with Inform's Warehouse Management System

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