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Take Operational Excellence Beyond the Showroom with Inform ERP Software

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Transform Showroom Operations

DDI's best-of-breed ERP raises the bar for PHCP, PVF and Showroom distributors while leading the pack as the modern ERP. Inform masterfully drives efficiencies in accounting, inventory management, analytics, reporting and financial management to align operations with the continuous demands of customers. 

Inform's single-source system focuses on industry-specific features that power unique workflows for PHCP, PVF & Showroom operations with:

  • Professional, sleek quotes with associated images and spec sheets
  • Threaded CRM for meaningful customer engagement
  • Intuitive Quote-to-Order with built-in project management
  • Advanced showroom functionality to manage complex projects, including multiple deliveries & payments
  • Special order receipt notifications, labeling and automation
  • Mobile showroom ordering for barcode labeled products
  • A multi-dimensional price matrix for maximum control over profits
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Clients Succeeding with Inform ERP:

Market-Specific Functionality You Need to Achieve Excellence

  • Fast and intuitive operations for busy counter sales
  • Rough-in product and specific room delivery management
  • Advanced warranty and returned product management
  • Vendor rebate costing and accounting functions
  • Rebate-tracking for optimum compensation
  • Assemblies and disassemblies, kits and kit modifications, light manufacturing
  • Job tracking with quotes, orders, sales, purchases, reporting, tasks, events, and activity history
  • Serial number receiving automation, selling, transferring and lookup
  • EDI plus automated procurement workflows for buying groups, Goodman, American Standard and more

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We never even considered going with a different company other than DDI. We were very pleased with the ongoing product enhancements and service levels we received. We upgraded to provide a more intuitive application for new hires plus continue to take advantage of DDI’s proactive innovations.
I don’t ever see a future where I’ll need to research a new solution as DDI stays on the cutting edge of technology – developing and providing the tools necessary to keep up with the times. We really appreciate the ongoing support DDI’s team provides to us as well – their people are fantastic. As we continue to grow in our business, I know DDI System continues to grow with me.

Troy W. Pumps & Controls, Inc.

DDI has kept us on the cutting edge of technology. Our drivers are using the iPads to ship orders, sign for orders, real-time – it captures the time of the signature, and that’s really helpful when you have customers that may want to dispute a bill or charge and however, John Smith signed it at 5pm when our driver dropped it off, and it makes for just a seamless billing process.
Everybody’s a salesman, that’s how easy it is to use now. If a yard guy is not loading trucks, he becomes a salesman and he works that front counter, eliminating the need to hire somebody specifically for that.

Jeremy R. Michigan Pipe & Valve

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