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Award-Winning ERP and eCommerce for Modern Distributors

Inform ERP was born in the Plumbing and PVF trade over 25 years ago. Today, hundreds of Plumbing, PVF, and HVAC distributors rely on our distribution management, CRM, and eCommerce solution to effectively guide their operations. Inform ERP is purpose-built for today's modern distributor—with cloud-ready technology that makes our users the supplier of choice for professional contractors, consumers, and commercial projects.


Purpose-Built Technology for PHCP and PVF

  • The leading interface for busy counter sales
  • Unrivaled product demand management and procurement
  • Bid and Job management with flexible purchase and delivery scheduling
  • Highly automated fulfillment workflow with order staging, deposit handling, and delivery truck routing
  • Sophisticated warehouse logistics with Inform's integrated Warehouse Management System
  • Multi-dimensional pricing matrix for maximum control over profits
  • Intuitive performance analysis, embedded pivot tables and KPI's
  • EDI with automated procurement-to-accounting workflows for buying groups and major vendors

PHCP & PVF Clients Succeeding With Inform ERP:

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  • Native CRM for exceptional customer service including order status, sales history and customer information
  • Shared calendars keep your team on the same page with integrated task management and activity tracking



  • Customizable website with customer-specific online order guides complete with:
    • ERP-integrated inventory availability
    • Full color product images
    • Specifications and attachments
    • Secure payment processing

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  • Store PO acknowledgements, shipment notifications, vendor invoices, etc. to achieve paperless operations
  • Electronically send and receive all required purchase documents through the easy to connect Inform EDI Data Gateway



DDI System is proud to support members of:

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I don’t ever see a future where I’ll need to research a new solution as DDI stays on the cutting edge of technology – developing and providing the tools necessary to keep up with the times.
Troy W.
Pumps & Controls, Inc.
We have some specialized workflows and Inform works well for those. We never crash, the tools are robust and the ability to access our information anytime, anywhere is fantastic!
Dante P.
Economy Plumbing Supply
Switching to Inform was one of the best decisions the company ever made. We have so much more control over inventory and accounting than what we had before.
Jeff J.
Holmes Plumbing & Heating Supply

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