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On-Premise or Cloud

Flexible deployment options to suit every distributors' needs.

eCommerce Pro

Discover the revolutionary ERP-driven eCommerce option.

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Get the purpose-built ERP alternative fit for your industry.

Paper & Packaging

Dedicated to Inspiring Growth for Paper & Packaging Distributors

With well over 300 JanSan, Paper & Packaging and Foodservice distributors using Inform ERP throughout North America, Inform is uniquely posed to give distributors an advantage over competition. Inform ERP is developed and improved with the active participation of our committed user base, meaning that DDI System listens to our customers and implements the features that you need to succeed.



Market-Aware Technology

  • Automatically Maintain Profit Margins - Rely on Inform to monitor product cost and adjust individual customer prices with a margin-based pricing manager
  • Combat Variable Supply & Demand - Quickly identify demand exceptions and achieve higher fill rates and turns with advanced inventory management tools
  • Manage Business Virtually - Automatically back-up data and securely connect to your business from anywhere with dependable remote access
  • Offer Multi-Channel Ordering - Show customers your full catalog, pricing, inventory, order & quote history online with eCommerce Pro
  • Build Your Digital Catalog - Leverage content from providers, such as Essendant, to enhance your product data for more efficient searches and filtering
  • Achieve Streamlined Warehouse Operations - Inform Warehouse Management System (WMS) eliminates time-consuming errors, product losses, and re-ships with well-defined warehouse processes that deliver unprecedented ROI within weeks

Paper & Packaging Clients Succeeding with Inform ERP:

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With today’s rapid demand changes, distributors need real-time access to accurate inventory levels, which are changing constantly. Identify sporadic, recurring and unusual demand to easily achieve higher fill rates, increase inventory turns, and eliminate dead stock.



Gain real-time insights into your business with decision-driving dashboards for sales, purchasing, inventory and accounting. Use our drill-down capabilities to uncover areas of interest and create visually appealing custom reports that can be set for automatic scheduling.



Enhanced customer service by delivering order status, sales history and customer information with Inform's embedded CRM that drives meaningful client engagement. Keep your team on the same page with integrated task management, shared calendars, and activity tracking.


DDI System is Proud to Support Members of:

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Buying Group Integrations


    Web Catalog:

    • Customers and Ship-to's
    • Products
    • Pricing
    • Sales History


    • Outbound Purchase Orders

    Web Catalog:

    • Trace Sales Report
    • Monthly 'House' Report
    • Monthly Purchases Report

    • Receive Sales Orders
    • Send Customer Invoices
    • Receivable Reporting
    • Supporting logic for product cross reference, quantity and UOM conversion, UPC updates
  • SMA

    • Custom Monthly Sales Report
  • Triple S

    • Send monthly premier account report (867 form) directly to the Triple S FTP Server
    • Send purchase orders (850 form) directly to the Triple S FTP Server


Solve the Product Content Challenge

Content integrations designed to seamlessly elevate your eCommerce presence using multiple images, detailed descriptions and attributes.

  • Enhance the user's experience with greater visuals and more information
  • Organize images, descriptions, categories, spec sheets and more
  • Mass import product data spreadsheets
  • Schedule automated updates from Essendant or other providers

Partner Focus for Paper and Packaging Distributors:essendant-logo
The Essendant ECBD integration allows you to download and import information from the Essendant product database to seamlessly update existing products and add new products for use with Inform ERP and eCommerce Pro. Choose which categories and subcategories of Essendant products to import and add to the selected Product Line, Buy Line, and Price Group.

We know more about the customers than the customers know about themselves. It's the demand, the day to day operation that customers need from us that allows us to be much more productive for them.
Jorge S.
To Rise Supplies
We saw an opportunity to reach the next generations of buyers and companies, and one of the ways to do that is to have the eCommerce platform which allows customers the ability to order online.
Todd T.
Atlantic Paper Company

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