Rubber, Hose & Fluid Power Distributors

Designed to Address the Distinct Needs of Fluid Power Distributors

Fluid Power Distributors require an ERP software that meets the numerous challenges they face. The uniqueness of the Fluid Power, Rubber, Hydraulic and Industrial Hose industry presents situations that require functionality such as flexible UOM, complex pricing structures, serial number tracking, assemblies and productions and many more.

DDI System’s Inform ERP is the fluid power distribution software powerful enough to exceed expectations, with a remarkable interface that makes it easy to learn and use.

  • Control over your margins with the flexibility to set prices as needed
  • Precise tracking on your complete inventory
  • Manage kitting and assemblies with ease
  • Automate product import management for all your SKU’s

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Clients Succeeding with Inform ERP:


Market-Specific Functionality for Your Operations

  • Real-time eCommerce to compete in the biggest markets
  • Equipment repair, lot and serial number tracking
  • Rebate-tracking functionality to ensure optimum compensation
  • Serial number receiving automation, selling, transferring and lookup
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) via handheld smartphone
  • Market-specific yet flexible pricing models, highly tuned to meet the unique approaches used by fluid power wholesalers
  • Fast counter turns with copy and paste order entry, CRM and suggested upsell items


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Kitting & Assembly

Native features for kitting, de-kitting, rework, and light manufacturing


Advanced Analytics

Advanced forecasting for seasonal, sporadic, and recurring products


Embedded CRM

Customer relationship management to provide exceptional customer service


Operational Workflows

Succeed with industry-specific workflows and a 360 degree view of your operations


Client Testimonial

“DDI’s Inform Software has helped us tremendously. After years of trying to cut down on paperwork, we are now able to directly fax and e-mail invoices. The eDocs feature allows us to scan all documents and avoids the time and hassle in filing and finding them later. These time and cost savings have reduced our overhead and increased profitability! We are very happy.”
- Karen O.  |  Specialty Sales, Inc. 

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