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On-Premise or Cloud

Flexible deployment options to suit every distributor's needs.


Upgrade From Quickbooks

Learn why your business is ready to upgrade from Quickbooks.


Upgrade from Eclipse

Get the purpose-built ERP alternative fit for your industry.


Fastener & Bearing



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Flexible Pricing Models

Highly tuned pricing models to meet the unique needs of industrial wholesalers

Fine-Tuned Workflows

Vendor managed inventory, fabrication, systems integration, service, or repair 

Kitting & Assemblies

Kitting, de-kitting, assemblies on-the-fly, light manufacturing

Integrated POS

Provide fast, personalized service with quantity first or product first entry

Track Product Demand

Automatically track demand trends, sales exceptions and lead times

CRM Tools Throughout

Provide outstanding service with shared calendars & integrated task management


“Inform saves us time, especially with automated faxing and emailing for invoices. I'm able to look at the day's sales and operate the business from anywhere. ”

- Maury F., Warren Fastenings South

Offer Anytime Shopping

Inform eCommerce Pro seamlessly connects to Inform ERP with real-time ERP integration including live inventory levels and pricing.

  • Configurations for both B2C and B2B strategy
  • ERP-integrated inventory and pricing
  • Offer your customers the convenience of pickup in-store, SMS order ready messaging, and online payment
  • Enrich product pages with detailed descriptions, specifications, images, and videos

Manage Your Business On-The-Go

InformMobile enable sales teams to gain a competitive advantage with the tools needed to service customers anytime, anywhere.

  • Have valuable ERP functionality streamlined to smartphone and tablet scale
  • Access dashboards and sales opportunity reports with one-touch access to quotes, orders, backorders, and invoices
  • Gain a competitive advantage with the tools needed to service customers on-the-go
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Case Study: Greenhill Achieves Success

"After Lenny Gamss bought the business in 1987, he decided they had outgrown his home-grown computer system and needed a more sophisticated and comprehensive business solution."

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Product Tour: Best-in-Class eCommerce

Learn how DDI's Inform eCommerce Pro addresses the 5 critical features distrbutors need for powerful, connected eCommerce

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Inform Warehouse Management (WMS)

Eliminate time-consuming errors, product losses, and re-ships with well-defined warehouse processes that deliver unprecedented ROI within weeks.

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