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Inform eCommerce
is a core component of Inform ERP Software. Seamlessly connected, your customers benefit from real-time stock and price accuracy, smartphone mobility, quote-to-order functionality, and self-service account management.

Mobile responsive eCommerce storefronts engage customers 24/7: DDI System's Inform eCommerce customer portal directly connects to Inform, providing real-time price and stock, eliminating double entry or overnight synchronizing of orders, pricing or inventory.

Sell in multiple online marketplaces: Seamlessly connect to various online shopping carts and marketplaces while keeping your inventory levels in sync. Learn more about content-rich, custom designed online stores using Magento, Shopify and other carts, as well as marketplaces like Amazon and Wayfair.

Inform ERP is the Top-Rated Wholesale Distribution Management Solution: Our users are mid-sized distributors throughout North America - progressive companies of all sizes in the HVAC, PHCP, paper, packaging, jansan, industrial, safety, and electrical markets.

DDI System is committed to helping you gain a competitive edge. Inform ERP Software combines the most insightful analytics and progressive technology to ensure your operations continually exceed excellence.

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