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Technology to Become a Faster Distributor

Inform’s industry-specific workflows and smart technology features give users the ability to respond to customers with speed and accuracy. Single-click order entry allows users to quickly place orders without the need to navigate from screen to screen. Intuitive POS and advanced warehouse management and mobile tools such as QuickOrder, streamline the ‘speed-to-sale’, delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Exceed customer expectations with a unique online customer experience and a smooth path to purchase. Inform eCommerce Pro gives your customers 24/7 real-time access to your full product catalog, associated items, pricing, order history, and more.

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Insight that Drives Smarter Decisions

Having a data-driven foundation is extremely important when it comes to making informed business decisions. With a robust suite of demand management tools to account for seasonal, sporadic and exceptional demand, dealers are able to optimize their supply chain, improve purchase management and fulfill orders more quickly and accurately to drive more turns, minimize overstock and gain control over busy operations.

Customized dashboards make advanced analytics and performance insight simple, so you can make quick decisions that drive more turns, minimize overstock, and gain control over locations and forecasts.

Unique Features that Make Teams Stronger

Inform’s embedded CRM functionality gives distributors the tools they need to drive strong customer interactions with the ability to manage tasks such as recording customer interactions, sales tracking, pipeline management, and prospecting.

By putting detailed contact information at the forefront, any team member can easily act on sales opportunities. Detailed customer notes help teams cross-train and perform at their best with centralized customer and account details. Inform’s connected CRM allows the data within your software to drive meaningful client engagement that leads to sales.


“DDI System keeps us on the cutting edge of technology and has helped our business grow with strong solutions and strong workflows for the new generation of customers.”
“Inform improves the way we do business and has made our staff much more productive in their daily assignments.”
Aces A/C Supply
“DDI System has helped me see a significant increase in overall margin in the first year that we switched.”
Harder Corp
“DDI’s eCommerce allows our customers to place their own orders resulting in more online sales and accuracy.”
Riverside Paper Company
“Inform changed my whole mindset about the type of solution that would best fit our needs. We hadn’t even considered what was possible with eCommerce.....it’s another incredible feature DDI brings to the table.”
Zepole Restaurant Supply
“Inform is very user friendly and has the ability to do almost anything we need as a distributor. Closing a month is done in minutes instead of hours. Anyone familiar with windows and the flow of the business can operate the system on day one.”
Pendergast Safety
”I never dreamt I would see the results I have — everything from speed of sale to pinpoint order accuracy. Inform ERP really has simply been the best business investment I could have ever made for my showrooms.”
Lighting Incorporated

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