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Trade show and event schedule

2018 Trade Shows

Come meet DDI and see Inform ERP in person at a trade show near you.

Date Trade show Location
9/18/18 Virtualrain Annual Conference Ogden, UT
9/24/18 FPDA Joint Industry Summit Lake Tahoe, CA
9/24/18 American Lighting Association Annual Conference Asheville, NC
10/4/18 Johnstone Supply Fall Meeting Minneapolis, MN
10/8/18 NetPlus Alliance Annual Meeting Phoenix, AZ
 10/8/18 Pride Centric Resources Fall Conference  Louisville, KY
10/29/18 STAFDA Annual Convention + Trade Show Phoenix, AZ
10/30/18 Equity Plumbing Annual Meeting Chicago, IL
10/30/18 ISSA Show North America 2018 Dallas, TX
11/1/18 NETWORK2018 (ASA) Scottsdale, AZ
12/2/18 HARDI Annual Conference Austin, TX


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