Inform ERP for Members of Equity

Cater to PHCP & PVF Customers with Ease

Meeting the demands of today's customer is no longer just about over-the-counter sales. To succeed, you must deliver a complete omni-channel experience, while promoting operational excellence.

Inform ERP Software takes Equity Plumbing Members to the next level with native CRM, multi-channel eCommerce gateway, and eCommerce website and customer portal to connect to your customers during every interaction. Inform's single-source system focuses on industry-specific features that power PHCP & PVF operations into a seamless workflow for optimal performance.

  • Professional, sleek quotes with associated images and spec sheets
  • Threaded CRM for meaningful customer engagement
  • Intuitive Quote-to-Order with built-in project management
  • Advanced functionality to manage complex projects, including multiple deliveries & payments
  • Special order receipt notifications, labeling and automation
  • Mobile showroom ordering for barcode labeled products
  • A multi-dimensional price matrix for maximum control over profits

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ERP Innovation Exceeds PHCP Customer Demands with Immediacy & Accuracy

Managing PHCP sales requires handling multiple shipments of an order and payment cards with precision. Inform easily accommodates your customers’ requests to deliver only rough-in products or specific rooms, while carefully tracking previous shipments, payments, and maintaining deposit thresholds. Users quickly manage partial deliveries and ‘take now’ items with visibility into inventory, warehouse staging location, and cash application.
Using Inform’s QuickOrder app and barcode labeled display products, PHCP can effortlessly quote and create orders for a true value-add service to clients. QuickOrder allows users to engage with a touch-enabled device to expedite the checkout process and create a seamless customer experience. Take advantage of detailed insight into inventory levels and minimum quantity requirements, to easily service customer needs.
Inform’s embedded Customer Relationship Management system strengthens customer interactions with engagement touch points intricately woven throughout your ERP. The result is a superior customer experience, increased spending decreased price sensitivity, and resistance to competitive overtures. 
Inform’s easy-to-use, real-time functionality ensures your team stays aware of current and potential pitfalls. Experience unprecedented insight into key business metrics that empower teams using intuitive, drill-down reporting capabilities and role specific dashboards. Stay aware of trends and dive deeper into every aspect of your business for complete operational and financial awareness. Make it easy for team members to see the activity most important to them with tailored role-defined dashboards designed to uncover operational inefficiencies.
Go beyond descriptions, costs, and packaging details. Inform stores four types of product descriptions, images, specification sheets, MSDS's, videos and online links, as well as the menu structure for your Inform eCommerce site. Easily make changes to your product content for maximum control over the product information your customers see. Map more than 50 fields to optimize the information displayed to customers, and remain a distributor of choice.

Serving PHCP & PVF Distributors

DDI System's Inform has helped us to increase our efficiency within our organization by providing free updates with new releases. New features roll out and new reports roll out for us and we're able to use those reports in day-to-day operations. So we have a better idea of what's going on and controlling our data and seeing the performance of our salespeople and other personnel in the organization. I would definitely recommend DDI to other distributors.

Jason S. Bender

Inform has truly been an end-to-end solution for our company from as sales orders and operations all the way to providing an eCommerce B2B website for our customers.

I love the calendar feature, it helps me map out my day a little bit better. Very easy to track customers for me on the sales end, their performance year over year - it makes it really easy to use. Purchasing has been a lot easier with the forecast feature; you don’t have to go look at every single item, it knows what you need to order.

Brady G. Commercial Specialists Inc.

DDI Saved us over 3 days of pricing work a week. It's like adding a salesforce. It has alleviated us from all pricing problems because it does the whole thing. Support has been unbelievable, including during our upgrade to Inform. We really appreciate the great service we get.

Avco Supply