Inform Mobility Tools

Access Customer Specific Data On-the-Go

Inform mobility gives JanSan, Paper and Packaging distributors a competitive advantage with real-time access to customer data to elevate engagement and win against the competition. Regardless of your location, Inform mobility tools propel relationships by delivering deep insight into information that drives a superior customer service experience -- exciting existing customers and winning new ones.

DDI's mobile strategy incorporates two solutions that complement Inform: MobiOrder, delivers deep insight into sales territories, customers, contacts, activities, order entry and quotes. QuickOrder is a 'lightweight' smartphone app that adds value to your customers business by providing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).


Go the Distance with MobiOrder

MobiOrder delivers real-time, touch-enabled mobile access to order creation, customer service details and territory performance dashboards. Drill down into orders, invoices, sales history and customer specific information from any tablet, laptop or smartphone, regardless of the operating system. Save time by creating orders and making detailed inquires anytime, anywhere.

MobiOrder also includes Inform’s dashboards and 'Sales Opportunity' report. These dashboards and reports provide real-time, touch-enabled access to rich details on sales performance, orders, back orders and invoices.  

Save Time with QuickOrder VMI

Bolster customer loyalty by delivering true value-added services. VMI is proven to increase sales, improve supply chain efficiency, and reduce errors and rework.

QuickOrder easily puts sophisticated VMI technology into the hands of any Inform ERP user. Build sales orders by scanning bar coded product and bin labels using your smartphone or tablet. Our Apple iOS app enables salespeople to manage their customer’s local inventory by scanning and counting, or scanning and entering an order quantity.

Missing a bar code? Use QuickOrder's real-time text search. The connection to Inform ERP instantly returns precise inventory, customer-specific pricing, and planned replenishment guidance.

"The Inform system is very intuitive, very easy to use, it’s easy to train. It enabled us to increase our efficiency just because of the fact that it’s so easy to use, it’s so user friendly. We really can push a lot of work by using the system."

- Greg Truitt, Sikes Paper Company