Inform eCommerce

Explore eCommerce to Compete with Online Digital Giants

Inform eCommerce is designed to support online business as a core business component to service customers 24/7.  Inform eCommerce provides a seamlessly connected, mobile optimized solution for counter sales, order management, inventory, customer-specific pricing, merchandising, and field sales teams.

DDI's unified platform quickly deploys a smartphone-ready storefront powered by real-time information from Inform ERP. Inform serves as your ‘Product Content Center’ for organizing and delivering images, spec sheets, and related up-sell items, all with real-time stock and pricing. Take advantage of customer specific workflows, including contract catalogs, budgets, shopping lists and re-order history. 

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Stay in Front of Your Customers 24/7

Inform eCommerce is a real-time web solution leveraging the power of Inform ERP to keep distributors connected to the online world and customer activity. Inform eCommerce unifies your platform by connecting your customized website to information in your Inform database. Make live updates to inventory, pricing, product features and featured items with ease.

  • Dynamic features allow store owners and end users to intuitively:
    • Hide pricing before login
    • Request ship date
    • Convert price quotes to sales orders
    • Show non web-published items on customer order pads
  • Experience faster website displays and overnight caching for speedy page results
  • Capitalize on search engine optimization for better online visibility and improved rankings
  • The B2C web portal option allows customers the ability to quickly and easily create an account
    profile, saving time with a speedy checkout experience 

Digitally Compete On Online Selling Channels

Take advantage of high-traffic online marketplaces including Amazon, Ebay, Wayfair, and Overstock. To remain competitive, your products need exposure on the most highly recognized online marketplaces. To do so, your business requires a seamlessly connected ERP solution that's up to date with the mobile and eCommerce revolution.

Inform ERP Software answers the call for high-performance operations with connectivity to sales channels based in the cloud. Inform harmonizes your inventory effortlessly with leading online storefronts. Maintain e-catalogs, retrieve sales orders and refresh inventory counts all while remaining in control of your products.


Multi-channel commerce
"Younger buyers want the eCommerce technology. And eCommerce given us a much larger footprint. I often say that Inform gives us the capability through all the different channels of the software, it gives us the capability to cast a much larger shadow than we really are as a company, and that allows us compete with much larger companies." 

- Todd Treacy, Atlantic Paper and Supply