Case Study:
Economy Plumbing

  • Industry:PHCP & HVAC
  • Solutions Highlighted:Inform eCommerce, MobiOrder

Elevating the Showroom Experience

Honesty, Integrity, Service – That is the motto this motivated, master distributor lives by in delivering top notch product and services to its customers within the Boston, MA area. DDI had the honor of sitting down with Livio, Joseph and Dante, the team from Economy Plumbing & Heating Supply. Not only were they passionate about their growing business, but also about the software that helps them control every aspect of their successful operations.

"We never crash, the tools are robust and the ability to access our information anytime, anywhere is fantastic!"

"Before choosing DDI’s Inform" says Joseph Poles, Sales Manager, "we had spoken to other distributors in our industry and all of them were impressed with DDI’s transition methods and software, so we felt confident in the process. Starting our training first from a sandbox environment definitely helped. Our main switchover was on a Monday. Our data was converted and we were up and running. Trainers were here all week. They were experts with super command of the system and very knowledgeable about our business processes. They had done their homework well and were able to help our whole team," added Livio Poles, Partner.

Thinking back on the transition which took place in 2015, "The transition was smooth. DDI became a household name for us," states Joseph. “We were able to train in advance of the go-live and then were walked through the event onsite. The embedded help file is great, the data comes up quick and is threaded throughout the system, and the mass change feature is fantastic to update the data,” added Dante Poles, Technical Supervisor.

"We have been able to optimize the information contained in the system all around. We have some specialized workflows DDI built for us based on our business needs and they work seamlessly for us. We never crash, the tools are robust and the ability to access our information anytime, anywhere is fantastic. As we use the system for a longer period of time, we are now finding more tools and integrating them into our operations, adding to our competitive advantage. Even learning from each other has become a great asset thanks to Inform’s intuitive nature." adds the team.

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