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The Future of Distributor eCommerce is Here

Web Store • Product Catalog • 1st Class Support

"Our site allows customers to access and order everything at anytime. Inform eCommerce
keeps customers coming back.
- To Rise Supply

Having a Strong Digital Presence is Crucial for Distributors 

Inform eCommerce Pro is a fast, secure, leading-edge eCommerce platform that gives your customers the opportunity to engage with your company anytime, anywhere. With Inform eCommerce Pro, your customers have access to your full product catalog, including associated & upsell products, pricing, previous order history, and much more—all through a dedicated portal designed with your customers in mind.

By unifying the information from your ERP with a powerful eCommerce platform, you exceed customer expectations and remain their vendor of choice.

5 Critical Features for Powerful Connected eCommerce

  • A best-in-class, customizable web store
  • Enriched digital product catalog
  • Real-time integration for price, stock, and inquiries
  • Quick deployment and first class support
  • Adaptability to meet customer demands




A Best-in-Class Customizable Webstore

Have full control over the design of your webstore with responsive themes to support any device. Customize and leverage a vast marketplace of extensions and content providers, while building and enhancing your digital product catalog using our Product Information Manager (PIM).


  • Ready-to-go framework
  • Integrated Magento SEO
  • Customize your user experience with Magento extensions
  • Built for mobile
  • Powerful attribute filtering for easy search
  • Advanced content management
  • Self-service account management
  • Real-time order status & inquiry
  • Related, substitute and variant products
  • Named, saved shopping lists
  • Sales tax automation
  • Secure, online credit card acceptance
  • Shipping flexibility: Pickup in store, distributor delivery,  USPS, FedEx, UPS

Convert Product Search to Sales

The Inform eCommerce PIM stores hundreds of product attributes. Buyers can filter search results by these attributes to narrow down product selection, locating the correct item faster. This layered navigation is now an essential part of the customer experience, driving increased sales and returning buyers. Manage hundreds of attributes such as color, brand, size/UOM, material, price.

DDI System partners with select content providers to minimize the task of crafting a rich, searchable product catalog. We load enriched data into the PIM for you, allowing you time to focus on your customer's experience.

  • Build and refine outstanding product information
  • Display product videos, spec sheets, brochures, images and more
  • Improve quality & consistency of product data across all channels

Manage Your Digital Catalog


The PIM not only organizes your content, but also analyzes each product, alerting you where essential product details are missing.

Trusted Content Providers



Give Your Customers the Tools for B2B Self-Service

Inform eCommerce Pro manages the complexity of effective self-service by incorporating sophisticated ERP business rules and workflows. The tight integration between Inform ERP and eCommerce Pro blends the strength of your physical stores with online convenience. Buyers can choose a branch location for pick up in-store, receive text notifications, request special pricing for larger quantities, choose credit card or on-account order payment, and pay their receivables online. Inform eCommerce Pro reduces the friction of business transactions, making you the supplier of choice.
  • Request for quote (RFQ)
  • Real-time, customer-specific pricing
  • Live order status & inquiry
  • Automated sales tax
  • Ready to pickup text notifications
  • Credit card and on-account orders
  • Saved carts and lists


Quick Deployment and First Class Support

Deploying a state-of-the-art website can be a daunting task. Our Inform eCommerce Pro specialists are focused experts that guide you through getting your online storefront up and running in under 3 months. Our team will walk you through the onboarding process - from content development to website launch - so you can focus on achieving digital sales success for the next level of profitable growth.


  • Onboarding oversight throughout your launch, including ERP and content-partner data import
  • Product catalog guidance, store, and shipping methods configuration
  • Access to DDI’s team of industry experts, solution specialists, and customization consultants


Track Usage & Growth with Powerful Reporting

Magento reporting and business intelligence tools give you the insight you need to make sound business decisions. Identify and analyze top-performing search terms, products, and customers to find new opportunities for growth. Then, share the insights across your organization with just a few clicks.

  • Best sellers
  • Cart abandonment
  • New customers
  • Product views
  • Last search term
  • And many more!


Grow Sales with Targeted Marketing Campaigns

  • Create powerful email marketing campaigns from Magento
  • Group customers to more accurately target marketing efforts
  • Engage customers by creating and subscribing them to newsletters with events, special offers, and discounts


A Proven Solution

"We diversified to provide services that Amazon won't provide like hose assembly. Meanwhile, other companies our size are still trying to figure out how to sell online.”

D. Jones | Gopher Industrial


“By offering eCommerce, we’re seeing customers doubling and tripling their sales from previous years, and drawing a lot of new customers — averaging about 10 a week. We’re reaching contractors in other areas who don’t have access to a supplier like us."

Ron A. | Jansen Ornamental Supply


"Prior to Inform eCommerce, we hadn't even considered what was possible [on the web]'s another incredible feature DDI brings to the table."

G. Thiakos | Zepole Supply

Learn how Inform eCommerce Pro will transform your distribution business into a digital powerhouse.