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On-Premise or Cloud

Flexible deployment options to suit every distributors' needs.

eCommerce Pro

Discover the revolutionary ERP-driven eCommerce option.

Upgrade from Eclipse

Get the purpose-built ERP alternative fit for your industry.

Connected eCommerce for a
Seamless Shopping Experience

Unify & Elevate your Customer's Buying Expectations

2020 was the year that marked humanity forever. We were lucky to have implemented Inform eCommerce Pro before the pandemic hit, which allowed us to continue providing service to our customers without any interruption. Many of our competitors did not have similar technology in place. eCommerce Pro allowed To Rise sales to skyrocket in a turbulent market.
To Rise
Margarita Garcia
To Rise Supply

Offer Anytime Purchasing

As customer's needs change, the shopping experience that distributors provide must change as well. Inform eCommerce Pro seamlessly connects to Inform, for real-time ERP integration that provides accurate inventory levels and pricing.

  • Fast, powerful Magento eCommerce platform
  • Multi-store implementation that allows for B2C or B2B setup
  • Swift webstore deployment with first class technical support
DDI System Inform eCommerce Pro 2020


Create a Unified Modern Shopping Experience

Today's shoppers expect a connected experience that supports the conveniences of modern technology, both online & in-store.

  • Offer your customers the convenience of pickup in-store, SMS order status messaging and online payments
  • Provide a confident checkout experience with secure online credit card acceptance
  • Calculate shipping costs from USPS, FedEx, UPS

White Paper: The Power of eCommerce

Keep Up with Today's Modern Buyer

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Learn more about the next generation of eCommerce for distributors

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Increase Online Sales with Powerful Product Filtering

Inform eCommerce Pro offers the ability to store thousands of product attributes, providing powerful product filtering and highly configurable search capabilities.

  • Enrich product pages with detailed specs and images for enhanced filtering and search capabilities
  • Easily load and manage various product attributes such as color, brand, size/UOM, material, price, range, rating, etc.
  • Shoppers can quickly and easily narrow down search results with custom filtering options

Provide B2B Customers with Self-Service Online Access

A dedicated online portal gives customers access to their account 24/7, with the ability to pay invoices, see sales history and customer-specific pricing.

  • See real-time, customer-specific and special order pricing
  • Manage current order status and previous order history
  • Choose a branch location and in-store pick up options
  • Setup SMS order status and "ready to pickup" text notifications
  • Unified visibility to orders, quotes & invoices both online & in-store
  • Grouped product pricing feature for both B2C and B2B
  • Enhanced order approval process and permissions

Enhance Your Product Catalog

Robust product content allows your products to stand out from the competition, and provides shoppers with the detail information needed to make buying decisions. DDI System will load your enriched product data into the PIM for you, allowing you time to focus on serving your customers.

  • Utilize the integrated PIM to manage product images, descriptions, specifications, and downloadable manuals
  • Improve quality & consistency of product data across all channels
  • Work with trusted content providers to obtain product content



customizable homepage

Magento 2 allows you to customize your webstore to stand out from your competitors


Narrow Search Results

Filtering attributes help online shoppers find what they're looking for quickly, increasing sales


Robust product pages

Enrich your product pages with detailed descriptions and images along with stock levels, spec sheets and more


Pay Invoices Online

Secure portal allows customers 24/7 access to their account including the ability to pay invoices online


Additional Customization

Add custom modules and plug-ins to your webstore such as enhanced menus to streamline the user experience


ERP Business Rules

Connected ERP ensures purchase restrictions and account permissions are reviewed prior to order submission

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